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Rahul & Disha’s Dreamy Ring Ceremony Is Taking Us Back To Their Bigg Boss 14 Proposal!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Jul 16, 2021
Rahul & Disha’s Dreamy Ring Ceremony Is Taking Us Back To Their Bigg Boss 14 Proposal!


Thrilled. Overwhelmed. And happier than words can describe! That’s exactly what we are feeling RN. Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s wedding rituals have finally begun and TBH, it’s making us so emotional! After waiting for months, the bride and groom have finally exchanged the rings and varmalas. NGL, we need someone to pinch us because it all feels like a dream. A beautiful dream that began with a grand proposal at the Bigg Boss 14 house and will end with a ‘happily ever after’.

The couple has gotten officially engaged right before taking the saat pheras and this video of their ring ceremony is melting our hearts. Take a look:

Aww! This video describes Rahul and Disha’s relationship so beautifully. Noticed the thumbs up the singer gave to his ladylove as soon as he wore the ring? So adorable! And, we love how he hugged her before getting down on his knees. It totes reminded us of the time when Rahul proposed to Disha when she entered the Bigg Boss house for the first time. Life does come full circle, eh? 

Honestly, the bride and groom look like a prince and princess, and their celebration of love looks straight out of a fairy tale.

Cheers, laughter, and an oh-so-pretty flower shower. That’s all we could hear and see in the video and we’re loving every bit of it. Right after exchanging the rings, the two had their varamala ceremony. And, Disha looked so cute while helping her beau get rose petals off his face.


Can we take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous the bride looks, because we’re absolutely spellbound! Also, this video of the dulha-dulhan taking blessings of RKV’s mom is winning our hearts. Take a look:

Remember the two conditions that Disha had put forward to marry the singer when she had entered the BB house? A huge ring and a grand wedding. Well, Rahul has now fulfilled both her demands. NGL, their’s is our favourite love story of all time!

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