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OMG…  After Virushka, Did Bollywood Just Have *Another* Secret Wedding?!

OMG… After Virushka, Did Bollywood Just Have *Another* Secret Wedding?!

Well, if you think that after Virat and Anushka’s secret wedding, the next in the cue is actress Disha Patani, then you are terribly mistaken! While the pictures might deceive you, (just like they did to us) the truth of the matter is that it was all a part of a shoot organized by a Mumbai-based boutique styling company Bridelan India. Basically, the idea of the shoot was to create a mock luxury wedding to serve as an inspiration for wedding styling and other services.

Here’s what the company had to say:

“The shoot was inspired by sources as disparate as the cinema of Yash Chopra and Wes Anderson, Claude Monet and Impressionists art, European natural landscapes, American wedding photography, elegant Indian clothing and the key factor also being the daylight in Europe.”

Now that Europe is the hottest destination for nuptials post Virushka, if a destination wedding is what you’re planning for anytime soon, then you would surely want to steal some ideas from the shoot… Check it out now!  


1. Meet our elegant, classy and timeless Sabyasachi bride- Disha Patani!

2. We love how meticulously they’ve styled the groom as well!

3. The unique colour palette of the bride and her mom’s outfit is mesmerizing! 

4. Super cool bridal party be like!

5. The bridal crew sharing some classic sartorial moments!

6. The Happy look!

7. And the mood is set, the vibe is perfect! 

8. When all your near and dear ones say ‘cheese’!

9. The ‘happily ever after’ kinda pose!

Simply breathtaking, isn’t it?

19 Dec 2017

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