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Want Abs Like Disha Patani’s? Follow Her Amazing Diet & Fitness Routine!

Want Abs Like Disha Patani’s? Follow Her Amazing Diet & Fitness Routine!

When somebody talks about celebrity fitness routines and their diet plans, we think of Bollywood actresses like Sushmita Sen, Shilpa Shetty and Kareena Kapoor Khan who have been a part of the industry for decades. However, since the beginning of their career, young actors like Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff have been in the public eye for being super fit and healthy.

What we love about these stars is that they promote healthy and fun ways of staying fit. Their routines are always equal parts of exercise and a healthy diet, not starving. When it comes to Disha, she follows a badass workout routine and diet to maintain her abs. We figured that her style interests many, hence, here’s a little more about Disha Patani fitness routine and diet plan.

Disha Patani’s Diet Plan
Disha Patani’s Workout Routine
Tips While Following The Routine

Disha Patani’s Diet Plan

The actress has already established herself as a youth sensation. However, Disha Patani diet plan makes her even cooler. Disha doesn’t take her diet for granted. She follows a strict routine that involves foods that are rich in protein and vitamins.


Her typical breakfast includes two-three eggs, toast, milk, and juice. Sometimes she changes it to a bowl of cereal and milk. She makes fresh fruits and juices a part of her lunch and for dinner, she prefers vegetable salads, brown rice, and dal. Also, she keeps having almonds and peanuts as her mid-day snacks.


Disha’s diet is not all soups and salads. She does have her share of fun with food. In one of her interviews, she revealed that she loves the food in Delhi-NCR. She has lived in Delhi for six months while she was doing her B. tech in Noida. However, in the second year, she decided to drop out. She also revealed that she does have a cheat day. She sits down once a week and eats whatever she can.

Disha Patani makes sure that her lunch is a mix of carbs and protein so mostly, rice and chicken work the best for her. For dinner, she focuses on protein. She consumes protein-rich food as her last meal of the day which could also be a bowl of eggs. Also, she drinks a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.


Is it that easy to give up all the tasty food? Certainly not! It requires a lot of will power. In one of her interviews, Disha revealed that she has a weakness for desserts and she just can’t do without it. She does cheat on her diet once a week to eat the dessert of her choice. In fact, she believes that this keeps her motivated throughout the week and work harder.

Disha Patani’s Workout Plan

Disha Patani’s fitness routine includes dancing, pilates, swimming, weight training, and yoga. Disha considers dancing an important component of her fitness regime. While working in Kung Fu Yoga alongside Jackie Chan, she learned a new dance form ‘Square dancing’ and she loved it. She loved the calming, fun and fitness effects of it.


Disha is also a trained gymnast. She goes to the gym 4 days a week. She doesn’t like to miss her gym sessions and tries to go to her gym twice a day as she believes in keeping the body active throughout the day. She does cardio but also focuses big time on weight training. She also practices yoga for an hour in the morning.


Sprouts For Weight Loss

Everyone’s inspired by Disha when it comes to maintaining abs. In an interview, she accepted that maintaining abs is one of the most difficult things to do because one day you could have abs and the next day, they are gone. She does abs-specific workouts to keep them in shape. As per her, to maintain abs, you must indulge in a combination of rigorous workout and a healthy diet.

Also, when it comes to a good playlist, Disha prefers popular commercial songs as they can set the mood right and make you enjoy the workout. She keeps trying new ways to exercise and her Instagram is proof of that. In her previous interviews, Disha has also accepted that she is very impatient as a person so she prefers moving her body over meditating.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Following The Routine

Medicines often have side effects and similarly, a routine too strict may also knock you down unexpectedly. So when you are making your body go through a rigorous routine, it’s always better to take care of it. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to get better results.



In an interview, Disha revealed that she sleeps for at least 8 hours every day. To maintain your body’s health and see the results of all the exercise you are doing, you need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep.

Drink Lots Of Water

Whatever season you are in, staying hydrated is the key to a good life. Water not only improves your skin, but it also improves your metabolism and helps the body in breaking down the food and digesting it.


Don’t Skip Meals

Instead of missing meals, you must think about adding meals. Some fitness lovers even go for 5 meals per day diet. It keeps your stomach filled and away from unhealthy cravings. Eating right will also boost your metabolism.

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Make It A Filling Diet

If you’re eating a meal, make it complete. Add in as many nutrients as you can. The protein you’ll add, the more filling your diet would be. For example, if you’re consuming cereals and milk, try milk and oats instead. Eat yogurt instead of ice cream, almonds instead of chips and so on.

Watch The Nutrients That You Are Consuming

Make your diet protein-rich. Consume enough vitamins and calcium. Limit your carbs intake. Don’t skip fat, it’s necessary for your body to consume fats.


Make Sure You Are Enjoying What You Are Doing


If you’re not having fun with it, don’t do it. If the gym is not your thing, go swimming, boxing or dancing. If these aren’t good for you either, go for a brisk walk and watch your diet. If you get bored with a workout plan easily, keep changing your workout strategies. But have fun, whatever you’re doing, enjoy it. Don’t come back home with a feeling that “I don’t want to go back tomorrow”. Do what motivates you, not what exhausts you.

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Disha Patani’s Workout & Dance Videos To Get You Started!

The start of something new can be a bit challenging but motivation is all around us. Take Disha Patani’s Instagram for instance. She keeps surprising her fans with cool workout and dance videos every now and then. So if you’re wondering how difficult it would be to start a new routine, please don’t overthink. Just have a look at this compilation of Disha’s videos and be inspired!


Images Source: Instagram

Featured Image Source: Instagram

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