Is Disha Parmar Entering Bigg Boss 15? The Actress Finally Spills The Beans

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Jul 26, 2021
Disha Parmar Bigg Boss 15

We’ll get to watch Bigg Boss sooner than we expected this year, and our excitement knows no bounds! Bigg Boss OTT is all set to release on August 8 on Voot, and we are super thrilled. In the meantime, what’s keeping us hooked is the speculative list of Bigg Boss 15 contestants that has been floating around on the Internet. A few weeks ago, it was being reported that Rahul Vaidya’s wife Disha Parmar has been approached by the makers for Bigg Boss 15, and #DisHul fans went berserk. After Rahul Vaidya’s successful stint last season, fans had been curious to see what Disha would bring to the reality show. However, looks like Disha Parmar won’t be participating in Bigg Boss 15 afterall.

Disha Parmar, who recently tied the knot with Rahul Vaidya, has dismissed rumours of her participation in Bigg Boss 15. While speaking to an entertainment portal, she said that she hasn’t been offered Bigg Boss this year, even though she had been approached for the reality show many times in the past. Would Disha have wanted to participate this year? Her answer is rather surprising! “Even if they do offer me, I don’t think I’ll be comfortable. It’s a show which I don’t resonate with, I mean I don’t feel comfortable,” said Disha.

Disha Parmar Bigg Boss 15

Disha further added that she never felt she was the right choice for this show. “It’s a show which I don’t resonate with, I mean I don’t feel comfortable. I have been offered the show so many times, it’s just that I never did it because I never felt I was right for it, and I still feel that. So I think I am going to avoid this time too,” she said.

Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya

While Disha doesn’t feel she is cut out for the reality show, we beg to differ. Remember when she won hearts after making a brief appearance on Bigg Boss 14? She had appeared on Valentine’s Day to respond to Rahul Vaidya’s marriage proposal, and fans loved watching her on the show.

Disappointed that Disha Parmar won’t be a part of Bigg Boss 15? Yes, it’s a bummer, but there are also other interesting contestants who might be participating this year. With Karan Johar as the host of Bigg Boss OTT, expect more drama, fights, and a rollercoaster of emotions. We just can’t wait!

Featured Image: Disha Parmar on Instagram