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Shock, Emotions & Surprise! Here Is How Disha Parmer Reacted To Rahul Vaidya’s Proposal

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 29, 2021
Shock, Emotions & Surprise! Here Is How Disha Parmer Reacted To Rahul Vaidya’s Proposal


Remember when Rahul Vaidya went all mushy during Bigg Boss 14 and ended up proposing Disha Parmar on national television? Not gonna lie, I really thought it was gonna win him the Bigg Boss trophy. Now while he might not have won the trophy, he really did win his lady love and is all set to tie the knot this year. 

As for Disha, this legit escalated quickly. How is that you ask? Well, turns out that Rahul and Disha had never been on a date and were just friends before the singer entered the Bigg Boss house. Quite obviously, Disha never saw it coming. She recently opened up about the proposal and said, “I had no idea this will happen. I’m sure he must not also have thought about doing this…We were just friends…I would have never thought that he will just straight go in and propose to me for marriage. Not to date but to marriage. It was very unexpected…I had gotten idea that something’s gonna happen.” 


Well, no wonder that she took forever to finally say a “yes” to Rahul. Speaking about her actual reaction to the proposal, Disha shared, “But when it actually happened it was just a lot of emotions. It’s hard to put in words but I was surprised, I was crying, I was happy, I was shocked ki okay what just happened. All the emotions were there and eventually I think two days later it just sank in that okay the seriousness of it now I’ve to answer.”

While Rahul had actually proposed to Disha in November 2020, it was only in February this year that the actress finally decided to come on the show and say an official “yes.” But that surely wasn’t the first time that Rahul was hearing it. As Disha revealed during the interview, “Maine apna time liya but maine answer dediya tha (I took my time but I had given my answer). The only person I knew in the Bigg Boss team I had put my message to her that ‘please tell him that I’ve said yes.”

Well, pretty sure Rahul and Disha can totally shoot another video song on that story. 10/10 would be a hit!

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