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Can Direct Sunlight Weaken Coronavirus? US Research Findings Offer Hope

Can Direct Sunlight Weaken Coronavirus? US Research Findings Offer Hope

Coronavirus cases are increasing by an exponential rate with every passing day. COVID-19 has infected 27,26,274 people globally and killed 1,91,075. In India alone, the number of active cases has shot up to 17,610 and it has claimed 718 lives. While paranoia around the virus is on a steady rise, the research findings from United States might bring some hope.

William Bryan, acting head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate told a White House news briefing, “The virus appears to weaken more quickly when exposed to sunlight, heat and humidity.” So, could this be a potential sign that the pandemic might become less contagious in summer months, especially in tropical countries like India?

The virus survives best indoors and in dry conditions, according to U.S. government researchers. They have also determined that COVID-19 loses potency when temperatures and humidity rise. “On nonporous surfaces like stainless steel, the virus takes 18 hours to lose half its strength in a dark, low-humidity environment. When the virus was exposed to high humidity and sunlight, the half-life dropped to two minutes,” Bryan said.

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While the research brings some ray of hope amid world’s constant efforts to find a cure to the virus, it is completely contrary to the claims being made by the World Health Organisation ever since the pandemic spread. According to WHO, COVID-19 virus can be transmitted in all areas, including the ones with hot and humid weather. This is the reason why it has spread even in countries like Singapore and various humid parts of Europe.

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the observation of coronavirus over the past few months has given way to numerous different theories. However, the U.S research findings come at a time when summer has just begun in India, and let’s face it, we could do with some hopeful information to stay positive in our fight against COVID-19. 

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24 Apr 2020

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