So TRUE! 14 Ways We ACTUALLY Use Our Sunglasses

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Sunglasses are a staple in most of our wardrobes. But there are many more shades to this accessory than those that first meet the eye (get it?)! They are obviously useful during these hot, summer days – and basically complement every single outfit! They also add a touch of sass, oo-la-la, and have some amazing uses that you wouldn’t think of at first glance! Here is a funny – but all too real – list of 14 ways we actually use our sunnies!

1. For that “What’s in my bag?” post on Instagram. Hey, you don’t have to be a fashion blogger to be fashionable, ya know!

ways we use our sunglasses

2. Who wants to put on kajal every day? I mean, we have to take it off too! Just put on a large pair of sunglasses instead. *Ready to head out in 5 seconds!!!*

3. When you want to take that extra artsy selfie. Frame within a frame – intro-spec-tion!

ways we use our sunglasses

4. When you want to catch a daytime nap without anyone realizing it! Ahh, the joys of those dark glasses.

5. That killer pout and those chic shades are bound to get you a 100+ likes on Insta and FB.  #Swag

ways we use our sunglasses

6. And then upload a picture of your dog wearing the same sunglasses. 200+ likes in 1 hour?! #BreakTheInternet

7. When you are mulling over something silly – like, why more people like your dog’s photo than yours – BUT want to look extra-pensive, and so you casually nibble on the stem of your sunnies!

ways we use our sunglasses

8. People-watching just got so much easier. Stare at random people (behind the cover of your glasses) and NEVER be detected for doing so! Of course, this includes checking out the occasional hottie as well! *Wink*

9. To simply flaunt a signature style of your own! Remember Salman Khan being Dabangg with his sunnies tucked BEHIND his shirt?

ways we use our sunglasses

10. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…hangover!!! THANK GOD for sunglasses, else you wouldn’t be leaving the house the next morning.

11. As a headband, obviously! I mean, you need something to push your hair back. And sunglasses just look so much more awesome than a regular band.

ways we use our sunglasses

12. Want to fake flawless cheekbones?! Just put on a pair of oversized sunnies to give your face some structure. (AND instantly find a way to keep away from those people always so ready to pull your “baby cheeks”.)

13. Reflector sunnies make for the perfect mirrors to look at yourself. Also, selfies can now show off your brand new phone! It’s a win-win, really!

ways we use our sunglasses

14. Wearing your sunglasses at a baraat or morning wedding gives you that perfect “desi chic” vibe – you know, shaadi swag and all! Damn it, candid photographer, WHERE ARE YOU?

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