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Want Those Kareena Wale Cheekbones? Here Are 3 Types Of Bronzers & How To Use Them!

Want Those Kareena Wale Cheekbones? Here Are 3 Types Of Bronzers & How To Use Them!

Makeup is supposed to be fun and artsy; a beautiful way to express yourself or just to alter your look a little bit. But over the years, our staple *Kajal and lip gloss* has been replaced with a makeup routine that has more steps than I can count. From primer to foundation to bronzing to facial mist; I can spend hours doing my makeup. But admit it, we all have that one step that we’re yet to master. It can be as basic as applying a liquid lipstick properly, nailing a cat-eye or even how to use a certain type of highlighter. For me, it’s how to use a bronzer!

Bronzer…Aakhir Kya Hai Ye Bronzer?

In simple terms, bronzer is a makeup product that we use to sculpt our jawline or to add a bit of warmth to our faces. You know, to mimic that vacation glow. You can either use a makeup bronzer after applying a contouring product to further sculpt your face or just by itself.

Using a bronzer to sculpt your cheeks or even for a glow up moment can quickly be turned into a #MakeupDisaster if you choose the wrong colour, the wrong type of bronzer, or even if it suddenly oxidizes on your face. And don’t forget to blend, blend and blend some more. Otherwise, it might look like you have mud on your face! 

Ideally, a bronzer should be at least 2-3 tones darker than your skin tone so that it can easily blend it with your base makeup.


Types Of Bronzers

There are so many types of bronzers… but, what kind to use? Let’s see…

Pressed Powder

Using a pressed powder bronzer is the fastest way to a snatched jawline. But first, pay attention to your foundation base before using one:

– If you have dry skin, make sure you use an oil-based or a dewy foundation before going in with the bronzer otherwise your skin will look dry.

– If you have oily or combination skin, go in directly with a pressed powder bronzer and set your face with a setting spray!

Always remember to use a mattifying or blurring primer to make sure that your makeup lasts all day and your skin remains skin oil-free. 

Cream Bronzer

Cream products, in my experience, are really difficult to use. Because of their sticky consistency, they tend to move the base product around and really hard to blend if take your time to do it. But if you have dry skin, you should give a cream bronzer a try today!

After applying a thin base (only moisturizer or primer), apply your cream bronzer alongside your cheeks. Use a damp beauty blender to dab it into a product and then dab it on your face for a perfect glow.

Avoid using a cream bronzer in humid or hot weather as the running sweat will make it look really untidy on your face. Or if you really work well with it, seal your look with a mattifying setting spray.

Liquid Bronzer

There are a lot of liquid bronzers or bronzer drops available for you to try. Let me save you a shopping trip and a headache with a quick tip!

Choose a much darker foundation of the same holy grail foundation that you love so much and use it as a liquid bronzer. Using a makeup brush or a beauty sponge, dab it into your skin for a seamless finish. Since the formula of your base and bronzer is the same, you’ll have Kareena wale cheekbones in no time.

There are other types of bronzer available too such as gel bronzers, shimmery bronzers, and even loose powders! If you still do not understand how to properly make use of your bronzer or just wish to avoid this not really required step altogether, use it to create a bomb smokey eye instead.
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17 Jul 2020

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