10 *Different* Ways To Drape Your Saree (Try Them Now!!)

Apoorva GuptaApoorva Gupta  |  Feb 10, 2017
10 *Different* Ways To Drape Your Saree (Try Them Now!!)


Ever heard a woman complaining about not looking good in a saree? Well you wouldn’t have! After all, they are the most universally flattering fashion items ever made. Though they are so stunning and look good on everyone, draping a saree the same way every time can be a bit boring. So we have 15 *different* celebrity approved saree draping styles that you will absolutely LOVE! You can thank us later!

1. Show off those shoulders

1 saree draping styles

Image: Shilpa Shetty On Instagram

Show off those gorgeous shoulders by draping the pallu like a stole around the insides of your arms. Pair up your saree with an off shoulder blouse and statement accessories and rock this saree draping style like a boss!

2. Double pallu all the way

2 saree draping styles

Image: Rhea Kapoor On Instagram

Draping the saree but can’t decide between the ulta and seedha pallu? Take cues from the fashion diva herself and rock it both ways with a double pallu style. You will look absolutely stunning and so different.

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3. Tuck it in!

3 saree draping styles

Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram

Let your blouse take the centerstage by tucking your pallu inside the draped saree. Keep the accessories classy, simple and finish it off with a low bun. This style of saree is really feminine, sexy and will definitely make you look hot!

4. The modern madame!

4 saree draping styles

Image: Aditi Rao Hydari On Instagram

If you love styling things differently, you should definitely give this saree draping style a chance. Accentuate it with a pair of churidar pants for an extremely easy and a perfect way to quirk up your basic old saree. Trust us, you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd!

5. The sleeker, the better 

5 saree draping styles

Image: Malaika Arora Khan On Instagram

Also known as the butterfly saree style, this sleek draping trend is Malaika Arora Khan’s favourite. It makes you look sexy by showing off a hint of your waist, keeping your pallu really sleek. It is the perfect combination of subtle and sexy- something you should totally try!

6. Put a belt on it!

6 saree draping styles

Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram

Give your style of saree draping a modern twist by adding a classy belt. Not only do belts look amazing with a saree but also add an element of surprise and help define your waist, making your body look more aligned and graceful.

7. Cape it up

7 saree draping styles

Image: Deepika Padukone On Instagram

Look every inch of a diva by caping up your simple saree. Draping your pallu under a cape looks super pretty and is one of the hottest trends around this season. Our bollywood babes have been going gaga over it, and it’s time that you give a try too!

8. Go the high low way!

8 saree draping styles

Image: Rhea Kapoor On Instagram

Ditch your boring blouse for a cool and comfy high-low kurti to wear under a saree. This style of draping the pallu under it at the back and placing it on top of it at the front befits the bold and confident woman of today. Trust us ladies, it will look super different and quirky!

9. Do it the dhoti way

9 saree draping styles

Image: Tarun Tahiliani On Instagram

If the fear of toppling is your concern whenever you wear a saree, it’s time to give dhoti draping a try. It looks super cool and keeps you comfortable all day long. Marathi women have been draping the saree this way for ages; you should try it too!

10. Front facade

10 saree draping styles

Image: Gaurang Shah On Instagram

Break the monotony of a regular pallu by going the front way this time. You can keep it open or pleated depending on the style of your blouse. This saree style is really ‘in’ these days and looks amazing! Especially when you want to stand out.