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What’s The *Right* Bra Cup Shape For Your Boobs?

What’s The *Right* Bra Cup Shape For Your Boobs?

We women have an interesting little universe of our own. We have our impulsive shopping sprees, baseless but important breakdowns, our hair, makeup, chocolates, and then we have our boobs. Even in our late teens and 20s, we still try to figure out our boobs. Are they the same size? Do they have a mind of their own? What kind of bra should I buy?… The works! Finding the perfect bra may seem like a far-fetched dream with the number of different kinds of boob shapes and bra cups out there. Here are the different cup shapes you need to know about before you go on your next bra-hunting trip!

1. The Balconette

different bra cups


These bras have an underwire and light padding and they cut horizontally right above the bust line. They also have vertical lines and seams below the bust line that enhance your breasts and makes them appear fuller. Balconette bras are perfect if you have slender boobs that are relatively smaller in size.

2. The Balcony

These cups also have light padding and an underwire but more coverage than balconette bras. They cut diagonally above the bust line, creating a sweetheart neckline. A balcony bra works best for women who have slightly fuller boobs and relatively wider shoulders.


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3. The Push-Up

The name is self-explanatory – these cups were especially designed for boobs to lift them up and make them appear fuller. Push-up bras have an oval-shaped pad at the bottom of the bra cup, which adds some extra volume to your boobs. Perfect for girls with smaller breasts!


4. The Demi Cup

different bra cups

Demi cups are underwired bras that end halfway along the underside of the bustline. They also have comparatively smaller cups and less support from the underwire. They have a wider neckline and thicker straps for support, so are great for petite women.


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5. Full Cups

Bras with full cups have wider coverage and give the perfect support to your boobs. They cover the entire breast area and are ideal for women with big busts and for those looking for more support. They are comfortable and help avoid any spillage.


6. Conical

Think burlesque. Think Madonna and Marilyn. These bras come in a pointy shapes and they were very popular in the 1970s and the 80s. They are not so popular today but hey, if you still feel like rocking them pointy beauties, then you might find them in some vintage shops.

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7. Wireless Soft Cups

These bras have no underwire and they give more freedom to your boobs. Especially if you’re the I-don’t-like-the-feel-of-underwire type. They are mostly worn as gymwear and have wider straps to give support. They are ideal for women with fuller breasts.

8. Contour

different bra cups


These cups also come underwired, but they have a thin layer of foam that holds the shape of the bra intact even when they’re not worn. They are perfect for everyday wear and are available most commonly in the form of T-shirt bras. They also work for all boob types and shapes.

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05 May 2016
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