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#BeautyBasics: What Really Is The Difference Between Epilation And Waxing?

#BeautyBasics: What Really Is The Difference Between Epilation And Waxing?

First things first, having body hair is totally normal and accepting your skin, hair and your body just the way it is, is super brave. It’s difficult to stand up against societal norms and beauty standards that women have to live up to and if you’re doing that then kudos! However, if you do want to remove the hair ‘coz that’s how you like it, then we’re here to help you out. If you want to remove your hair from the root then there are two options for you to choose from- epilators or waxing. What is the difference between both these hair removal methods is what we’re going to deep dive into today. So, epilators vs waxing, what’s better? 

What Is An Epilator?

What Is An Epilator


Epilators are nowhere new and first originated in Israel in 1985. They revolutionised the hair removal industry and became an alternative to shaving but soon other techniques took over again. Epilators are basically electronic devices used to remove hair from the root. They can be of two types- dry epilators and wet epilators. The former can be used without water and the latter is to be used in the shower for a comfortable removal process.


How Does An Epilator Work?

When we’re looking at epilation vs waxing, they both take out the hair follicle from the root unlike shaving, however, an epilator doesn’t use wax. Instead, the device plucks out the hair from the specific body part. 

Always exfoliate your skin before using an epilator for best results because all the dead skin cells will be removed from the top layer and it will prevent ingrowth too. Then position the device at about 90 degrees to your skin and hold it lightly instead of pressing it against you. Pull the skin tight and move the epilator in the direction of the hair. 

What Is Waxing?

What Is Waxing



Waxing is basically a hair removal method where you effectively remove the hair from the root. It is said to have originated in Egypt. In 1150 BC, it was reported that women in harems were always hairless and smooth. However, some historians believe that it was practised even earlier in Egypt since 3000 BC where women regularly waxed their arms and legs at home.

How Does Waxing Work?

Ladies, let’s look at waxing vs epilation. While both are hair removal techniques, they are vastly different. In waxing, they use hard or soft wax on the skin in the direction of the hair growth and then quickly pull it off in the opposite direction for smoother and hairless skin. 

There are two types of waxes used- soft wax and hard wax. The former one is gentler and is removed with wax strips made out of cotton, cloth or recycled paper. Hard wax is generally used to remove thicker and coarser hair and is less sticky. This can be pulled off once it cools by gripping the edge of the wax applied. So, no strips are needed here. Both these also remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin by removing the top layer.

What’s The Difference Between Epilator & Waxing?

Now let’s come to the differences between waxing and epilation. While they both remove the hair from the root, they are vastly different in method, cost, effectiveness, pain and skills required. To make it easier for you to decide, we’ve created a table. Does epilator hurt more than waxing? Here is your answer.




Which lasts longer

Waxing leaves you hairless for two to four weeks. 

Epilation also leaves you hairless for two to four weeks if done properly. However, some people complain that hair grows back in patches and hence they have to do it more often.

Tools required

For waxing, you need wax, a wax heater and strips if you are using soft wax.

For epilation, you need an epilator.

What is the process

Wax gets applied on the skin in the direction of the hair and is then removed in the opposite direction. 

The device plucks hair in the direction of the hair growth and the electric current helps the needles to remove it from the root.

Suitable for areas like

Waxing is suitable for all areas of the skin like arms, legs, underarms, upper lip, bikini, back, chest, stomach.

Epilation is best suitable for larger areas of the body like arms and legs.

Pain level

Moderate to extreme pain can be felt.

Moderate to extreme pain can be felt.


Waxing the entire body can range from Rs.1000- Rs. 6000.

Epilators come in different shapes and sizes and the cost varies ranging from Rs. 1,500- Rs. 10,000. These can obviously be reused and so makes for the cheaper option.

Skin type

It suits all skin types.

It suits all skin types too but people with sensitive skin should do a patch test before buying the device.


While waxing strips are available for use at home, most people prefer to go to the salon to get it done.

This can be done at home.

Epilator vs Waxing – Which Is Better?

So here we come to the main question- is an epilator better than waxing? Is epilating as effective as waxing? The answer is that they are both great semi-permanent hair removal methods. However, epilators can be quicker because you can use them yourself at home and are more cost-effective. The pain too reduces once you use it a few times but you can’t use it on all body parts. Waxing we know is effective because it’s existed for centuries. If you go to a trained professional, it can be quick and can be used to remove unwanted body hair effectively. 

Epilator vs waxing which is better? So the choice between waxing vs epilation depends on you! Whatever you choose, don’t forget to moisturise your skin with a hydrating body lotion after. We’ve found the best one for you:

Frequently Asked Question About Epilator vs Waxing

Does epilator hurt more than waxing?

The sensations are quite different and that makes it hard for us to answer that question. However, many women find themselves getting better accustomed to epilator pain versus that of waxing. Both epilation and waxing can be done at home and give out results that last longer than shaving. Epilators offer greater convenience and are good for those who are always on the run.

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29 Oct 2020

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