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#Beauty101: What Is The Difference Between Curling Creams & Gels?

#Beauty101: What Is The Difference Between Curling Creams & Gels?


With a variety of curly hair products available in the market, it becomes a little overwhelming for a person to choose the right products for her. These days, there are special shampoos, conditioners, creams, mousses and curling gels, that cater to different types of curly hair. However, while the other curly hair products seem self-explanatory, we often get confused between these two products – the curling cream and the curling gel. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you.

What Is The Difference Between Curling Creams & Curling Gels?


From a texture perspective, they’re poles apart. However, both of them do more or less the same job, and that is to moisturise the locks and keep the curls in place. Let’s learn more about both these products in detail today.

What Is A Curling Cream?

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The texture of a curling cream looks similar to skin cream. Just as you need to moisturise your skin every day, your curls need the same kind of attention. Curling creams not only help to hydrate the locks but condition and set them as well. They’re more nourishing than curling gels and tend to leave behind less product residue. Although they won’t make your curls as crunchy as curling gels would, they will enhance your curls in the best way possible!

How To Use: Post shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply curling cream on damp hair. To give your curls definition, scrunch them upwards. If you don’t want your hair to become frizzy, avoid touching it after application. And finally, allow your curls to air-dry or use a diffuser to help them dry faster. 

What Is A Curling Gel?

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Most curling gels are translucent in colour. They do a great job at sealing moisture in the curls and keeping the frizz at bay. A good curling gel will not make your locks sticky and greasy or weigh them down. On the contrary, they with moisturise the curls, keep them defined and shiny. They first form a casing around the hair. They then dry them up quickly and later, define the ringlets by making them crunchy and crispy. However, if your curls are prone to drying out quickly, you should work on hydrating and nourishing them first before using a curling cream. 

How To Use: Apply curling gel to the damp hair. Avoid raking the gel through your locks. On the contrary, be gentle while applying the hair product. Scrunch the curls upwards by using your palms. Allow your curls to air dry after. 

What Are The Key Differences Between The Two?

While curling gels help to hold and set the curls, curling creams focus more on moisturising, defining and smoothing the curls. Curling creams may not hold your curls the way curling gels do, but they will definitely make them appear more healthy and shiny. Avoid products that contain anything that ends with -con or -fate. Keep an eye out for botanicals, natural ingredients and essential oils instead. You got this, girl! 

Featured Image: Pexels

23 Oct 2020

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