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Make Hearts Go *Dhak Dhak* With These Diet & Workout Secrets Of Madhuri Dixit Nene

Make Hearts Go *Dhak Dhak* With These Diet & Workout Secrets Of Madhuri Dixit Nene

Madhuri Dixit Nene. Doesn’t the name itself invoke a whirlwind of emotions? From the time we grew up watching her movies as a child and dancing on songs like ‘Ek Do Teen‘, ‘Choli Ke Peeche‘ or ‘Dhak Dhak‘, we’ve been in awe of her beauty, grace and dance. From Chandramukhi’s adaayein in Devdas and Maya’s breathtaking charm in Dil Toh Pagal Hai to her recent comeback as Bahaar Begum in Kalank, she continues to remain one of Bollywood’s most beautiful women and an eternal ‘Queen of Hearts’.


But she’s not just a pretty face. Madhuri has been an actress par excellence and nailed almost every role in the industry. Whether it’s her million-dollar smile, her kaatilana expressions or that quintessential poise with which she speaks, she still makes everyone go weak in their knees and has admirers of all ages, from all over the world. If you were an 80’s or 90’s kid, you would have dreamt of becoming just like Madhuri, at least once in your life – and still do, don’t you?

1-Madhuri dixit


Today, as she progresses towards her 50’s, what has changed? Absolutely nothing! She’s just as flawless, youthful and charming as always, with a touch of grace and maturity which brings forth a simplistic aura. She’s an epitome of a strong woman who tries to strike a balance between her roles as a wife and a mother with her successful acting career. And this makes us idealize Madhuri even more!

But, amidst so many changes in her personal and professional life, how does she manage to maintain herself so well? How DOES she remain fit as a fiddle with that everlasting glow on her face? If your mind has been brimming with questions alike, your curiosity comes to an end today. From Madhuri Dixit diet plan to workout secrets, we’ll tell you everything there is to know for you to gain that quintessential Madhuri perfection in the long run. So go and get your diet chart ready!

Madhuri Dixit’s Diet Plan
Workout Routine

5-Madhuri Dixit Diet Plan


Madhuri Dixit’s Diet Plan – REVEALED!

Over the years, Madhuri proved that with age, you don’t just get wiser but prettier and healthier, too. And what’s the secret to this ageless beauty? Her unique diet and a disciplined workout routine which she follows earnestly and encourages her family to do the same. Follow her steps and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your lifestyle, health and skin as well. So, ready or not, here I go spilling the beans!

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Eating Healthy – ‘The Japanesey Way’

One of her major secrets to a healthy diet is to eat like the Japanese! We’re all aware that the Japanese are the healthiest people on earth, aren’t we? And the credit goes to their delectable yet healthy cuisine. Hence, her diet majorly consists of seafood, tofu and sushi, a bowl full of soup with a side of poached mushrooms and assorted, leafy vegetables. Not only does this diet give her enough energy from all the proteins, iron, vitamins and minerals present in high quantities but also balances her heart health and blood pressure due to its low cholesterol value. It’s filling and delicious yet devoid of unhealthy fats.

2 Madhuri Dixit Diet-JAPANESE


3 madhuri dixit diet plan-VEGETABLES

What’s more, is that just like the Japanese, she prefers to eat her food poached, steamed or baked rather than grilling or frying it in deep oil. Now, isn’t that a sensible choice?


A bowl of nutritious oatmeal (savoury or sweet) or three scrumptious and gooey, egg whites between two toasts, followed by a cup of tea. Sometimes, she also loves indulging in kandha poha!

3 Madhuri Dixit diet-KANDHA-POHA



A piece of chicken/seafood, some vegetables and a few carbs. She believes that a sizeable amount of carb is necessary to keep you well-energised for any physical activity that might take place during the day. Hence, she prefers to eat rotis made of bajra – rich in antioxidants and beneficial for eyes, skin and heart – instead of those made of wheat. She avoids eating rice entirely.

Mid-Meal Snack

She loves consuming dry fruits to satisfy her hunger pangs. Her idea of mid-meal snacks is a combination of nuts or a bowl of curd with half a fruit.


She likes doing an early dinner around 7 or 7:30 as it helps in digestion and promotes weight loss by burning more fat. Her meal usually comprises of a small bowl of salad with some fish/chicken.


She’s a tea-lover and needs a minimum of two cups of chai in a day to function.



She also chooses to drink sweet, coconut water instead of aerated, soft drinks.

Madhuri Dixit diet chart -NIMBU-PANI


She’s got a sweet tooth! And that’s exactly why she practices portion control. Her weaknesses include sweet and crunchy, caramel popcorn or homemade til ladoos.


Madhuri dixit diet -CARAMEL-POPCORN

Madhuri Dixit’s Workout Routine – BUSTED!

For her youthful and glowing skin, Madhuri gives tonnes of credit to her healthy lifestyle. She believes in working out daily and staying thoroughly motivated. According to her, eating healthy is not enough. In order to stay fit, you must choose a workout that suits you the best and then follow it earnestly. She not only pushes herself to workout every single day but includes her family/friends in the routine as well.

1-Madhuri dixit diet plan

1. Gym-Shim Workout Regime

Like many of us, Madhuri is not really a big fan of the gym. But she tries to take out at least two days in a week to do some vigorous training. Her workout is mainly a combination of cardio, power yoga and some weight training. This helps increase her stamina, flexibility and muscle strength for all her daily activities. It also improves the mental health that allows her to stay calm and stress-free.


2. Dancing Her Way To Fitness!

Madhuri had been passionate about dance ever since she was a little child. She learned Kathak for 8 years before she became a professional dancer. No wonder her dance in every Bollywood movie remained unchallenged and unbeatable – till date! But for her, Kathak was not just a dance – it was her first love and her favourite hobby in the world. And eventually, THAT became Madhuri Dixit fitness secret!


She decided to combine her love for dance and fitness together and incorporate Kathak into her workout regime. She realised that no other activity could rejuvenate her the way dance did. So, when she did something she enjoyed, it was bound to give her a spiritual high – even more than meditation. Since then, Madhuri never looked back. She practices kathak thrice a week which keeps her healthy, happy and fit. Do you know the best part? She never gets bored! We could learn something from her, don’t you think?

3. Come & ‘Dance With Madhuri’ 

On successfully achieving her fitness goals with dance for all these years, Madhuri decided to share her groovy secret with others. In fact, she wanted to teach them how to do it right, herself! So, leveraging the power of the Internet, she started an Online Dance Academy called ‘Dance With Madhuri’ that aimed to help people achieve their dream fitness goals by combing dance with exercise, called ‘Dancercise’.


These videos were made while thinking of those who were either unable to step out for workout due to their busy schedules or those who couldn’t motivate themselves enough to head to the same ol’ boring gym daily. So, if you’re one of them, this is just the right thing for you! All you have to do is choose a certain video, follow her steps and simply ENJOY. In her videos, she gives easy-to-follow instructions to steps for upbeat and popular songs through which anyone can become fit and have fun at the same time. It’s now also available on Google Play Store and IOS. So, quit making excuses and check it out now!

As for Madhuri’s secrets to fitness and health, who knew they could be this easy? Or are they? Guess we’ll have to try and find out!

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