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Did Navya Nanda’s Allegations On Her Mom Being Sexist Land Her In Trouble? Here’s What Happened

Did Navya Nanda’s Allegations On Her Mom Being Sexist Land Her In Trouble? Here’s What Happened

From shutting down online trolls to being adamant about creating her own identity, Navya Naveli Nanda has always grabbed our attention with her bold statements. Recently, an interview of the diva making some allegations on her family has gone viral on social media and TBH, the internet is shocked.

In one of her statements, Navya said that she witnessed sexist behaviour at home and her remarks were directed at her mother, Shweta Bachchan. She said that she was made to do household chores and play hostess in front of guests while her brother, Agastya Nanda, relaxed casually. “I have seen this happen at my home where if guests are over, my mother would always tell me to fetch something or the other. I have to play the host as opposed to my brother who could also be doing the same thing,” she said.


Whoaa, that’s some serious accusation and we wonder if it is really as bad as it sounds. Shweta recently reacted to the allegation and during an interview with a leading daily, she said, “We had a big argument with her. Navya, Agastya and myself. We said, ‘how could you say this about us? This is not how our house works.” She also added that it’s always her who is attending guests at home and doing the regular chores while her kids sit at a corner and look ‘cute’.

Navya agreed that her mom has always been fair with her kids and she and her brother are treated equally at home. However, Shweta accepted that she’s harder on Navya than she’s on Agastya. “I feel it is way tougher for women, especially for Indian women. They have to be made of stronger stuff. As a mother, it is a protective instinct. I have to make her strong enough to face the battles you’re going to have to face,” she said. Well said, Shweta!

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09 Mar 2022

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