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Did Deepika Padukone Copy Her Cannes Closing Ceremony Look From An Influencer? Here’s What We Know

Did Deepika Padukone Copy Her Cannes Closing Ceremony Look From An Influencer? Here’s What We Know

Currently, Deepika Padukone’s Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla outfit is being hailed as her best one from the Cannes Film Festival 2022. The fashion gworls are going gaga over it and a lot has been written about the pristine beauty of DP’s look, which comprises an ivory ruffled saree, a pearl collar, and a matching bustier. Our guess is that everyone wants to cop that statement collar ASAP because it is legit the life and soul of Deepika’s look. Speaking of which, something rather unsettling has just come to our attention.

Earlier today, an Instagram influencer who goes by the handle @the.saree.scene shared a post of Deepika’s Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla outfit while comparing it to a look that she had styled way back in 2020. The influencer often shares pictures of herself in uniquely styled sarees. In 2020, she styled a Kota silk saree with a vintage plastic beaded collar necklace from the 1950s and posted the pictures on Instagram. She again reposted the same picture in 2021 and is now accusing the designers of copying it.


The influencer wrote, “In May of 2020 I styled myself in a vintage plastic beaded collar necklace with a saree and then reposted again in July 2021. Today a follower sent me this shot of Deepika in a @abujanisandeepkhosla number at the Cannes suggesting it was a copy of my work.”

She claims that Abu and Sandeep have “borrowed” her unique styling without giving her due credit. “Hey @abujanisandeepkhosla , next time consider giving a hat tip to the one who inspired!! And @deepikapadukone , next time go to the original rather than to the copy lol,” she added. The influencer has also posted pictures to draw comparisons.

This is how the collar looks from the front:


A gradient effect has been created for both the collars with tiny pearls on the top and bigger ones at the bottom. What differentiates the two is that Deepika’s collar happens to be more elaborate and has been made with real pearls.


It is the back of both collars that will get you suspicious as they are pretty similar. You will spot a V-shaped finish right below the clasp which makes both look very much alike.


So, we did some digging on the influencer’s Instagram and checked both her posts featuring the collar from 2020 and 2021. The back is nowhere to be seen in any of the pictures. But yes, both the collars come pretty close in aesthetics. Plus, while the influencer wears a vintage piece, DP’s separate is brand new and was custom-made by the designers for this look.

Then again, there is a thin line between inspiration and copying. A vintage accessory can definitely inspire modern creations especially if it was popular back in the day. We hope that’s the case because it will really break our heart if we find out that DP’s best look from Cannes was actually copied.

Featured Image: Instagram

31 May 2022

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