Dia Mirza & Vaibhav Rekhi Already Have A Name For Their Newborn & It’s Beautiful

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Jul 14, 2021
Dia Mirza & Vaibhav Rekhi Already Have A Name For Their Newborn & It’s Beautiful


Congratulations are in order for Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi as the two just welcomed their little miracle to the world. Moments ago, the actress took to social media to make a happy announcement and introduced her baby boy with a picture of his tiny hand. And, we already have a name for the little one! Sharing the beautiful name, Dia wrote, “Our heartbeat, our son Avyaan Azaad Rekhi was born on May 14th.” Well, isn’t that beautiful?


Turns out that the little one was in quite a hurry to say hello to the world and has arrived early. However, both the mother and son are safe, healthy, and under expert supervision right now. That said, it is Dia’s caption that has us really moved at the moment. She has shared the story of little Avyaan’s pre-mature birth and has thanked her doctor for saving their lives. “A sudden appendectomy during my pregnancy and a subsequent and very severe bacterial infection could have led to sepsis and proven to be life-threatening. Thankfully, the timely care and intervention by our doctor ensured the safe birth of our baby via an emergency C-section,” her caption reads. 

The new mommy is already in love and has shared how the “tiny being” has her in absolute awe. She writes, “As we watch this tiny being, this Zen master in awe and wonder, we learn from him, in all humility, the true meaning of trusting the universe and of parenthood. And to not be afraid, and so we humbly take the lead from his resilience and courage. We do not have enough words to thank all those who continue to help us live this story of hope and faith and create a safe, healing, nurturing space for Avyaan and I.”


The actress has further shared that she and Avyaan would be soon at home where they’d be welcomed by his grandparents and Samaira. It is indeed adorable to see how Dia has addressed Vaibhav’s daughter from his first marriage as Avyaan’s “elder sister” in the caption. She has also thanked her well-wishers and fans for all the prayers and love. 

Well, we are mighty impressed by the graceful message and the amount of love that’s exuding from Dia’s words. Here’s wishing her and the new one good health and happiness!

Featured Image: Instagram