7 Celebrity Makeup Looks To Inspire You To Get Your Glow On This Season

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Nov 12, 2021
7 Celebrity Makeup Looks To Inspire You To Get Your Glow On This Season


As the temperature drops, it is time to turn up the heat with dewy makeup looks. Matte makeup is stunning too but given the cool weather your skin may be prone to dryness and that could make matte makeup have an aged and sallow effect on your visage. After all, you do want to mimic a healthy glow through your makeup and dewy skin is what’s in this season. To slay dewy makeup looks like a goddess, we turn to some of the most gorgeous celebs for inspo on the trend. 

Celeb-Inspired Dewy Makeup Looks To Try This Season

Silky Silver

Take a cue from Malaika Arora on rocking dewy skin. This timeless beauty often opts for a dewy base because it just makes her skin look like silk. Liquid highlighter and a metallic silver eyeshadow is what makes this makeup look so glowy and she keeps her lips neutral with a hydrating brown lipstick to tie it together.

Smoldering Glow

Zendaya always has her glow game on point and this bronzy makeup look ranks high on the dewy makeup trend charts. It’s a versatile look that can complement any ensemble. She wears a hydrating foundation and a brown smokey eyeshadow on her lids. The dew is amplified with a shimmery gold highlighter on her lids and cheekbones along with gloss on her lips.

Crystal Drip

This beauty rocks hydrated skin with a strategically placed liquid highlighter for an ethereal glow. The inner corners of her eyes feature silver pigment to boost her glow without looking too shiny. Her lash lines are defined with kohl and her pout is painted in a pretty rose hue. 

Sunset Glimmer

Priyanka Chopra Jonas channels her inner sun goddess with this dewy sun-kissed look. She wears a metallic champagne gold eyeshadow on her lids and pairs it with a coral pout.

Glamm Gloss

Pairing ultra-glossy lids with a bold red pout, Kylie Jenner shows us how to marry dewy and matte makeup finishes together. She keeps her skin creamy and her pout overlined and filled in with matte red lipstick. Her lids feature a coffee brown eyeshadow shade which is topped with eye gloss (you can use petroleum jelly for a similar gloss effect).

Glitter Dew

Disha Patani gives us major glow goals with this dewy skin look paired with glittery blue fox eyeliner. She also wears her lips drenched in a pearlescent lip gloss.

Iridescent Vibe

Rocking an iridescent glow, Hailey Beiber shows us how dewy skin can look soft and whimsical with this makeup look. She wears a lilac shimmer eyeshadow with rosy cream blush and a glossy lip.

These celebrity dewy makeup looks are sure to make you look fabulous this season.

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