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A Peek Into The Wedding Of Devika & Joseph – The *Magicians* Behind The Virushka Wedding!

A Peek Into The Wedding Of Devika & Joseph – The *Magicians* Behind The Virushka Wedding!

They make magic happen at weddings, they make every couple’s shaadi dreams come true, and they themselves exchanged vows earlier this year. Okay, let’s stop the guessing game, shall we? We are talking about the magicians behind the Virushka wedding – the awesome wedding designer, Devika Narain and the hotshot photographer, Joseph Radhik. Yes people, these two geniuses are married to each other! Power couple, much?

Before we get to their wedding, let’s tell you a little about both of them and why they are so amazing at what they do.

Devika Narain – Born and brought up in Lucknow, Narain shares on her website that she never imagined that she would lead such a talented team of designers and make wedding landscapes beautiful. Her style is unique and very Indian in approach. But it didn’t start like that. According to the design genius, she was always a curious person and wanted to do something for herself. She first pursued a literature degree in Delhi and after an array of media jobs, finally decided that it wasn’t her calling. After that she realised that her unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength. She gave up the pursuit of a regular job and sought a creative life. After working with another designer for four years, Devika finally decided to start something of her own, and well, here she is. She designs high-end, luxury weddings, much like Virat and Anushka’s dream wedding in Tuscany, and we’re stunned by her creative abilities.

Now coming to her hubby and celebrated wedding photographer. Joseph Radhik is not new to luxury weddings, having been the official photographer for many celebrity weddings in the past, including Asin Thottumkal, Masaba Gupta and Samantha Prabhu. A google search tells us that he spent 6 years studying engineering and management, and three years working for a corporate firm. It was in 2001 that he started photography, his true calling. The internationally acclaimed photographer says that he loves clicking weddings because to him they stand for everything that he loves about the art and craft of photography – they force him to interact with his subjects, but at the same time teach him to respect the occasion and be a fly on the wall.  


Now that you know all about the two wedding geniuses, let’s come back to Joseph and Devika’s wedding, which was also a close family affair, just like the Virushka wedding. Maybe that’s how they managed to keep the Tuscany wedding a closely guarded secret. Even their families had no idea about this! Joseph and Devika got married in an intimate ceremony at Devika’s family farm at her hometown Lucknow. Here are all the pictures and the story of their wedding in Devika’s own words.

Earlier this year, I married my best friend in a small town in U.P surrounded by mustard fields. On a beautiful winter morning, our family and closest friends drove down in a motley of cars to be with us on what was to be the favouritest day of our life!

Finding a date was the toughest for us. Matching ours to family, a weekend and good weather, alone was an enormous task. The seventeenth day of February turned out to be great, our friends and family arrived from all over the world, the mustard was the ‘right’ amount of yellow that day and all the winter flowers were in bloom.

Joe and I both wanted a non-religious ceremony; we exchanged vows under a bougainvillea arch surrounded by the people we loved the most. The ceremony began with a prayer by Joe’s grandmother and ended with a reading by Neruda. @dk00019 was our non-official officiant (possibly the best ever!) and the ceremony was followed by a laid back picnic style lunch.


Joe and I both wanted to enjoy our own wedding, and we drove every single detail around that. There decor was organic and mostly handmade with the help of our fabulous teams and family. Long tables were laid out with potted plants (bought on the morning of the wedding!) for lunch. Each table was named after a city that was special to us!

How to be a bride? Wear your mom’s wedding lehenga, your grandmom’s earrings, your great grandmom’s choker and pray you look half as beautiful as them! Maathapatti borrowed from the lovely people at @raabelstatementsilver. Outfit and genes courtesy @pritinarain. Special thanks to @edwardmakeupartist, for being the only person who could make me sit still for two hours.

PS: After three days of not being allowed to touch a camera, this @josephradhik stole one and made this photo of me! He is the best, isn’t he?

“Sexiness wears thin after a while. But to have a man that can make you laugh, now, that’s something!”


If I am ever asked to define happiness – this one photo would be it. Over the past ten years, home has had different meanings for me-it’s varied from the place I was born, to where I grew up and where I stay. This image, right here, is ‘home’ – all my favourite people in one place, in the middle of nowhere, having a ball.

As a bride who plans weddings for a living, I learnt the importance of delegating. My aunts, cousins and friends were the greatest help and having them help me plan gave me an excuse to spend more time with them—which was awesome!

Being on the other side of the lens is also quite a lot of fun!

We had the most brilliant photographers down from Canada that gave us the most interesting perspective of our own wedding. Thank you @twomannstudios for these priceless photos.


Well, after seeing the amount of love these two have for each other and the beautiful intimate ceremony they pulled off, we kinda see how they were so amazing with Virat and Anushka’s wedding too!

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14 Dec 2017

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