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An AMAZING Web Series That ‘Society’ Does NOT Want You To Watch!

An AMAZING Web Series That ‘Society’ Does NOT Want You To Watch!

Buying condoms, carrying the bright green Whisper packet in your hand, having a sex life, flaunting your bra… What do all of these things have in common? Yes, they’re ALL not considered to be ‘appropriate’ for a girl in our society. You know what is considered appropriate? Hiding your pads in black polythene bags, not even thinking about sex (forget having it), wearing ‘decent’ clothes all the time and watching saas-bahu serials with your mom even if you’re still 18 years old.

You want to know what we think about that? F*ck it.

Watch the Dev DD web series trailer by ALTBalaji – it’s amazing and no one in ‘society’ will ever approve of you watching it. All the more reason to do it, right? No, but honestly, this show just bluntly puts out there how life really is for us – no frills, no extra drama. Just a 20-something Indian girl trying to navigate through difficult boys and unwelcome stereotypes to reach a place where she can be happy. Aren’t each and every one of us trying to do the same?



12 Apr 2017

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