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This Desi Mom Roasting Her Daughter’s 35K Gucci Belt Is Every Indian Mother Ever!

This Desi Mom Roasting Her Daughter’s 35K Gucci Belt Is Every Indian Mother Ever!

I was recently scrolling through my Instagram handle when I came across a meme. It said that we often lower the actual cost of the things when we show them to our mothers. And you know what? I found it extremely relatable because I do it all the time. Spent a dime and bought a stunning crop top? Yeah, I’m gonna say that it cost me ten times less if my mom ever asks. Not that she won’t call out my bluff, of course, she will. But, it would spare me from the entire process of explaining to her that why a piece of cloth costs as much as it does. It just does, mumma!

You see, Indian moms want their kids to save their salary and not overspend it uselessly. And it’s kinda cute when they find out about our expensive purchases because their reaction is priceless. They go from utter shock to savage in a jiffy and if you need an actual example, then you gotta watch this hilarious video.

An Instagram user, Chabi Gupta bought a Gucci belt for INR 35,000 and this is how her mom, Anita Gupta reacted to it:

Did you see the way Chabi’s mother thought that the green and red belt resembles a school belt? I’m not even kidding when I say that my mom would have reacted exactly the same. It’s so cute when she goes ahead and says that such accessories are available for Rs. 150. And oh boy, the way Mrs Gupta rebukes her daughter for wasting money is legit every desi mom ever!


Chabi and Anitaji create videos and Reels on their Instagram handle and TBH, they are hilarious AF! From discussing shaadi to career plans, this savage mother-daughter duo is winning our hearts with their relatable content. And, if you are looking for cute videos that you can enjoy with your mom, we suggest you check their social media handle now.

BRB, have some packages to receive. And I have to get my hands on them before my mom does. 

Feature Image: Instagram

15 Jun 2021

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