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How NOT To Deal With Depression – AIB’s Video Is An Eye-Opener!

How NOT To Deal With Depression – AIB’s Video Is An Eye-Opener!

Illness (noun): a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.

Or mind.

And yet, when a friend or a family member appears to be suffering from a mental illness, many of us tell them to just ‘snap out of it’. We expect them to have complete control over their state of mind. We expect them to be stronger than the illness. But why? Did you have control over the jaundice you got in 6th grade? Or the UTI you had last summer? Or even the cold you think might be coming on since this morning? No, right? Then at what point do we start considering ourselves to be more knowledgeable in the matters of the mind than a professional? Why don’t we encourage our friends to go see a doctor when they’re depressed – when we would if they had, say, missed a period? We can go on and on about having become much more modern in our thinking, but if we’re still treating mental illnesses like they’re just myths, we haven’t come very far. This new AIB video is one each and every human being should watch – maybe more than just once. We’re all guilty of saying some of these things and not recognising the signs when they were right in front of us. And there is no shame in accepting that – if you’re ready to change that about yourself. There is no excuse to be ignorant about this anymore. Watch this eye-opening video and start your journey to becoming more aware – not just about the illnesses that could ail the body, but also the mind. And let’s start talking more openly about it all.


12 Apr 2017

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