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Uff Teri Ada! From Fail-Proof Sarees To Rad Fits, Here’s Looking At Deepika Padukone’s Style Evolution

With a stellar wardrobe mostly comprising classic silhouettes and monochrome palettes, Deepika Padukone seldom goes wrong in the style department. At worst, her style can be described as safe but when at best, it’s suave, timeless, and definitely trendsetting. Deepika is one of those few fashionistas who doesn’t leave everything on her stylist and thus an individual element always shines out in her fits. This actually makes it really easy to trace her style evolution and how she has moved from sarees to rad fits in the past decade. Today as the actress turns a year finer, we look back at her style journey and some of the sartorial gems from the actress that still lie snug in our save folders. Scroll down:

Debut Days

Deepika Padukone started off her style journey with safe drapes that looked pretty, elegant and ensured that she wasn’t put under scrutiny by the fashion-forward. Think of her early days and the mind instantly goes to embellished low waist sarees, flared anarkalis, jewel hues, and statement necklines. 


Fresh in our memory is this scarlet chiffon saree paired beautifully with a magenta halter neck blouse. 


This green and blue net saree still remains an iconic look as well. 


So does this Manish Malhotra anarkali specifically for its decadent neckline and the magenta brocade lining under the orange georgette fabric. 

Red Carpet Beginnings

It did not take the world too long to notice Deepika. She entered a room and all eyes would instantly go to her (something that holds true today as well). Soon enough, she was a star, was sauntering red carpets and found her way to Cannes. The debut happened in 2010 and no brownie points for guessing that the actress remained loyal to her love for the six yards there as well.


For the event, Rohit Bal happily came on board to design an ivory saree with gold accents for the actress which was then paired with a silver sleeveless blouse and DP’s trusty chignon. 

 The Cocktail Phase 

After easing her way into the desi wear territory, Deepika was ready to slip into some itsy-bitsy dresses by 2011-2012. Cocktail provided her with the perfect opportunity to go for the kill and the actress did not miss to deliver. From trend-setting ikat minis to tassel-embellished bodycon dresses, DP unleashed her full glamm spirit in the film and we are still not over it. 


The swaying embellishments, the net meshing, the perfect fit–even today, any fashion girl would kill to score this look from Cocktail

The Bajirao Mastani Phase

Having proved that she could do both Indian and western with utmost elan, Deepika graduated to full octane Bollywood glamm in Raam Leela and Bajirao Mastani. With Raam Leela in 2013, we knew that Deepika, the fashion icon, had truly arrived. But it was with Bajirao that she became a phenomenon. 


The perfect confluence of fashion with art, her ivory kalidaar lehenga from the song ‘mohe rang de lal’ was a vision to behold. Created by award-winning designer Anju Modi, the outfit brought to life the grandiose of the period drama and further highlighted the stardom that Deepika had attained by that point.

Shaadi Style

We were definitely in for a surprise when the actress opted for a red Kanjeevaram saree from Advaya by The House of Angadi for her hush-hush Italy wedding. She had been with Ranveer Singh long enough for us to expect some experimentation. However, there she was wearing what she loved best–a timeless drape. 


Deepika finished off her wedding look with a handloom tissue veil that still remains our favourite detail of the outfit. 


A look at DP’s reception Sabyasachi outfit and the picture was complete. The hand-embroidered lehenga with its moss green and blush pink accents stood out among other offerings from the designer back in the day and completely merged with the actress’s imposing persona. She went for a Frieda Kahlo inspired hairdo to finish off her look complete with handpicked roses and a braid. We could see it happening then and there–Ranveer Singh had rubbed off his eccentricities on the wifey and we did not mind that at all.

Power Dress Up

In the past couple of years, Deepika’s style has remained mostly uniform with tailored suits, monochromatic co-ords, and her all-time favourite classics taking turns. This is actually the perfect moment to mention her power-packed fits, sharp shoulders and stately silhouettes that DP has been bringing to the table. 


This pinstripe Loewe suit is the culmination of Deepika’s current style. It is statement, power-packed, and rad. But most importantly, there is no comprise on the comfort factor. 

Monochrome Mama

No one, we repeat, no one does monochromes like Deepika Padukone and her latest look from 83 promotions is proof. 


Head to toe monochrome look and a red retro fit–if this is not peak Deepika Padukone aesthetics then we really don’t know what is!

Here’s wishing this fashionista a very happy and stylish birthday.

Featured image: Instagram

05 Jan 2022

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