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Deepika Padukone’s Orange-Toned Makeup Is The Ultimate ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Look

Deepika Padukone’s Orange-Toned Makeup Is The Ultimate ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Look

Known for vibrancy and pop, orange is a colour we often correlate with happy things – like a delicious tangerine, a day at the beach, or a covered bag of flamin’ hot Cheetos. While orange is certainly an uplifting hue, it gets even better when used as lipstick or an eyeshadow. 

POV: Deepika ‘grammed a pic in her red carpet glam, and there’s no smokey eye or classic red lip in sight. Instead, our ultimate girl crush decided to take the orange shadow trend for a spin, and we love it so much. The star looked stunning in a face full of monochromatic orange makeup dusted on her eyes, lips, and cheek by makeup artist Sandhya Shekar. Regardless of what DP wears, it becomes a trend – fact! Whether you go with a saturated, neon orange cream shadow or a simple, burnt-sienna bronze, orange eyeshadow will be the real star of the show. The hue serves as a one-stop shop to create an effulgent makeup look without too much upkeep. Deepika’s makeup look works well across occasions and clothing choices – think Sunday brunch with girls or date night with boo…the options are endless. If you want to dial up your glam factor, scroll ahead to know how to work an orange hue in an off-beat, modern way.

We Thought Deepika’s Beauty Look Couldn’t Get Any Better, Then She Added Orange Eyeshadow

Step 1: Set The Base For Your Beauty Handiwork

Here’s the thing: nourishing the skin and prepping the base is key. Once the skin is well-prepped, makeup will go over it flawlessly. Pamper your skin with a face mask, and follow it with primer to create a silky, smooth canvas. Then, apply an oil-free foundation to create a radiant but matt base. Once done with the foundation, apply a creamy concealer to cover any uneven patches, then dab setting powder only on areas where you tend to get oily with a tapered brush to retain max glow.

Step 2: To Fake Fuller Arches

For strong brows, draw short strokes to mimic your natural hair with an eyebrow product. To fill them in more, use a brow powder with an angled brush to fill in any gaps. Follow it up with a brow gel to set them in place.

Step 3: ‘Coz Orange Is The New Black

Apply an apricot-hued eyeshadow all over the lids, blended slightly into the crease. Then, with the help of a precise pencil brush, take the same brown eyeshadow and apply it over the lower lash line. Next, pick a kohl eyeliner to define the upper lash line. You can also use a waterproof pencil eyeliner to tightline the upper lash line and make your lashes appear fuller. 

Step 4: Fulfill Your Bambi-Eyed Lash Goals

Complete the look by applying some mascara to the upper and lower lash line. To make them look extra fluttery, you can stick on a few short individual lashes in the center and outer corners of the eyes

Step 5: Contouring That’ll Look Good IRL Too

Bid adieu to unnatural-looking, heavily contoured makeup look with this easy trick. Just apply the bronzer or contour slightly above the hollows of the cheeks and blend it inwards to subtly add some warmth and lift the skin. To create a softer contour, start by applying a little bit of product and build it as necessary and be conscious of what your makeup will look like in the daylight. You can sculpt the forehead, nose, cheekbone, and jawline with a darker foundation shade for a second-skin finish.

Step 6: Fast-Track Ticket To A Natural Glow

Just dap a few dots of peach cream blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend – try to blend all the harsh edges before the product dries out. Then, apply an iridescent highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones with a fan brush to make them pop. Finally, use a makeup setting spritz for an extra dose of glow. 

Step 7: Pucker Up!

For the lips, choose a burnt orange hue to amp up the look.

You glow girl!

Featured Image: Instagram

25 May 2022

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