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Deepika Padukone

Bomb Or Blah? We Weigh Deepika Padukone’s Viral Green Separates

While last year might have been all about PJs and housecoats, our B-town fashionistas have vowed to bring the Summer in style for 2021. Case in point? Deepika Padukone‘s latest monotone separates and the intensity with which they are going viral at the moment! The actress recently took to Instagram to share a picture of her in a vibrant green outfit while captioning the post, “Me running away from Alphonso Mangoes…” OR am I…!?🤔🤭🤪.” Soon enough, we had the internet comparing her with “kachcha aam.” 

Needless to say, the fans are stunned. However, stunning as it might be, we do have our reservations about the look. Read on for all the details.

The Pros

Deepika Padukone


Of course, the look has its pros. One look at the striking confluence of sage and forest green and you’d know. We really need to give it to Deepika’s stylist Shaleena Nathani for totally killing it with her mixing and matching skills. We love how the soft hue of her Jacqumeus top and forest green of her Dodo Bar Or pants create an ombre effect with the perfect harmony of colours here. It does take real talent to make green shoes pop while wearing monotone separates in the same hue and full marks for that. 

The tie-on detail of Deepika’s top is worth taking a good look at as well. Notice how the top has been used to balance out the OTT green of her pants and still add a touch of statement to the look? Killed it! The style memo is simple here: basic but make it elevated!

We love how the high-rise leather pants meet the top thus adding a sense of coherence to the outfit. Also, don’t miss out on her minimal skin work and the soft, smokey eyes. 

It’s a killer look, really! Well, only until you factor in the practicality…

The Cons

Deepika Padukone


Impactful style? Totally! Pop colours? We approve! Statement look? Most definitely! 

Well, there is a reason why this look is breaking the internet right now. It has a certain visual appeal that’s absolutely undeniable. However, this is not a look for the faint-hearted and, more importantly, comfort-friendly. It is the leather pants that happen to be a deal-breaker here. Firstly, the Dodo Bar Or pants are 100 percent leather making it the least sustainable separate possible. Also, pure leather or faux leather, the pants are sure to sweat the hell out of you in summer as well as in the transitioning weather. Sans an iota of doubt, the looks throw both practicality and comfort to the wind. 

The Verdict

Don’t know about you but we will give this look a hard pass, courtesy of the unsustainable and, not to forget the uber uncomfortable leather pants! Pretty sure that that there are other, cruelty-free ways of channelling the summer vibe. 

Featured Image: Instagram 

22 Mar 2021

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