Designer Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor Helps Us With The Fashion Cheat Sheet For Day Weddings

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Mar 23, 2021
Designer Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor Helps Us With The Fashion Cheat Sheet For Day Weddings


While it might be a norm down South, day weddings are a relatively new concept in North India. In fact, the swift shift to morning weddings has happened only in the past decade or so as modern-day couples bid adieu to hectic evening shaadis and late-night phera rituals. In fact, with plenty of time in hand and no one yawning during the ceremony, day weddings happen to be a lot of fun!   

Now, as welcome as this shift happens to be, it asks for us to revisit some wedding preparations and nuances, with wedding fashion topping the list. Can we actually go from an evening wedding to a day ceremony, sans any changes in the bridal couture? Of course, the answer is a clear “no.” We recently reached out to designer Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor to help us with some style pointers for day brides. With her eponymous label, the designer is creating festive separates apt for the modern-day bride. From fashion faux pas to 2021 trends, we discussed it all and here’s a lowdown for you. 

Five Mistakes A Bride Should Avoid Making At Her Day Wedding


“Go classic and simple in choice of textile and colour palette. Think chanderi, organza and lighter diaphanous fabrics like these. Choose romantic fresh pastels and complete the look with old school fresh flowers and a timeless polki set. Create looks that are forever classic as you are going to browse these memories for years to come. Make them elegant and keep it simple,” shared Tamanna. 

That said, a good starting point to getting day wedding fashion right would perhaps be to identify the most common mistakes and stay clear from them. Here are five mistakes that day brides need to avoid at all costs:

  • Avoid blindly following trends and select hues which actually suit your skin tone.
  • Unflattering silhouettes are the perfect recipe for disaster. Research well & select fits as per your body type.
  • Tacky synthetics & faux silks show clearly in daylight. Stick to handlooms and pure fabrics.
  • Wearing jewels as a showcase of wealth is unnecessary. Accessories should complement the outfit, not clutter it.
  • Going OTT has all the scope of going wrong. Remember, less is more when it comes to day weddings.

Tamanna Curates A Wedding Wardrobe For The Modern Bride

Few things get as good as an ace designer curating your trousseau pics, right? Well, if you agree then you have arrived at the right place. Here’s Tamanna’s curation of an entire bridal trousseau that you are sure to love. 


Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

For Haldi, Tamanna recommends an embellished, peppy gharara set. The designer suggests that you add a novel touch to the otherwise cliched yellow for haldi look and add in some tasteful contrast. She has selected a pink-yellow gharara set from her own collection for demonstration. The set features cutwork, resham, and mirror detailing and a risque, see-through kurti which for us is the highlight of the look. 


Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

It’s the Pantone colour of the year and Tamanna is surely embracing the hue in its full glory. For mehendi festivities, she recommends another gorgeous pick from her collection. It is a striking albeit breezy lehenga set dipped in sunny yellow and features multi-coloured embellishments on the hem. A combination of hand and machine work has been used to cinch the skirt on the waist. The plunging neckline of the blouse just adds to the overall drama.


Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Instead of the usual gowns, Tamanna‘s choice of a cocktail dress tilts more on the traditional side with a taste for vibrant, jewel hues. She recommends an Azure blue lehenga featuring quirky embellished panels. The skirt has been paired up with a subtle resham blouse and it’s quite a show-stopping look if you ask us. 


Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

Tamanna recommends glorious Glamm for your sangeet night festivities and suggests that you opt for a soft blue lehenga featuring pastel embroidery accents. The aim is to shine like a star the instant you take to the stage and the mirror work on this Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor lehenga does the task pretty well. 


Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor

The designer recommends the boldest of the looks for your D-day festivities. She has shortlisted a Fuschia raw silk lehenga set embellished with a motley of hand embroideries ranging from gota to leather applique, for the modern-day bride. The sharp, queen Anne style neckline is surely the highlight of this bold, bridal look. 

Styling Tips For The Unconventional Bride


Brides today are highly individualistic. They look for statement trousseau separates that set them apart from the crowd. This is the year and age of the unconventional bride and in case you are from the same league, here are some styling tips that you might want to bookmark. 

Pretty In Polka Dots

Polka dots are a key element in Tamanna’s aesthetics and a major part of her latest collection. She feels that it is the perfect print for the unconventional bride and is versatile enough to take you from a light function to even the D-day when styled right. “Polka dots are super fun and have the right dosage of quirk to brighten up your festive/bridal wardrobe. Offset this joyous pattern with traditional motifs, borders, and embroidery to make it more neo-ethnic. Go for classic achromatic contrast or one can experiment with pop colours. Play with the size of the dots for more graphic appeal,” she suggests.

Ditch The Conventional Lehenga

“The unconventional bride wouldn’t go with a lehenga in the first place,” says Tamanna who feels like the modern, unconventional bride today is as much enthusiastic about comfort as she is about fun and fashion. “She would team a fun-shaped skirt such as a puffed tulle lehenga and would wear a classic men’s white shirt with a fun knot at the end or simply the comfiest cotton tee-shirt perhaps,” she says.

Tamanna’s Predictions For Bridal Trends 2021


The intimate wedding from 2020 has found its way to 2021 as well. People are deliberately opting for tight-knit, smaller ceremonies now and Tamanna feels it’s time that we throw “pompous exhibitions” out of the window. 

Old School Simplicity

 “I think with weddings being more intimate and less about the pompous exhibition, trends for bridal fashion 2021 are also going to be about the revival of old school simplicity,” she says. 

Boho Minimalism

Tamanna further adds that “traditional with a twist” is going to be the bridal memo for the season. She adds, “Boho minimalism is going to set the mood for the coming season. Classic silhouettes, elegant details and timeless au natural beauty trends will be making a major comeback. Brides are going to choose colours, jewellery, fabrics, and clothing complimenting and celebrating her personal nostalgia, ethnic origins with meaningful traditional revivalism.”

Sunshine Hues

Yellow is going big right now and Tamanna too would like to bet big on the hue. As she says,  “A bold, bright dosage of vibrant sunshine works best on every Indian skin tone. Go for the traditional Indian palette of warmer festive tones, they complement best for any kind of wedding theme.”

So, 2021 brides, all set to claim your day wedding?

Featured Image Courtesy: Tamanna Punjabi Kapoor