Old School Romance! 8 Things We Should TOTALLY Bring Back!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
Old School Romance! 8 Things We Should TOTALLY Bring Back!


Back in the old days, couples did take a while to take things further – but well, they had a lot fewer heartbreaks too, didn’t they?! Ladies, truth be told: some of us are old-school romantics at heart, and would love to be courted – PROPERLY courted – by the men we’ve set our hearts on! Here is one such wishlist of dating practices that we wish we could totally bring back – just so we could add a little bit more magic to our affairs of the heart!

1. Writing love letters

“When have I even gotten a love mail from you?” When Carrie complains to Mr Big about him never writing her a love letter and how she would love to get one, doesn’t she talk for us all? EVERY girl would love receiving a love letter written to her, one that she can read over and over again, and tuck away in her secret box forever.

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2. Chivalrous gestures!

There once was a time when chivalry was a trait common to all gentlemen, and today we just jump for joy when someone makes it on time for a date! Ladies, chivalry is a concept we are TOTALLY on board for. Guys, pull out our chairs, open doors for us – we can do these things just as well by ourselves, but it just makes us feel special when you do it!

3. Asking someone out in person

It’s just so REAL when he looks you in the eye and asks you out, and you smile at him in response! There exists NO emoji that could ever express that feeling when it’s done via texts!

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4. Being with ONE person at a time

Earlier, “going out” with more than one person wasn’t actually a thing. While we’re all for keeping our options open and stuff, we can’t help but be irritated by all the associated complications! “Are we exclusive?” is not a question any girl really wants to ask – and nowadays we usually have to!

5. Men being innovative with their wooing strategies

There was an age when men would pursue women and come up with interesting ways to woo her. Seriously, who wouldn’t love all that attention? We must admit that we’re kind of bored of the “Hey, wanna go out?” WhatsApp messages – and would totally take a khirki-ke-baahar serenade type proposal instead!

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6. Commitment, sincerely meant!

Earlier, when people confessed their love to one another, there really was no question about whether this was supposed to be a “few months” type of love or a “forever” kind! We do wish our modern-day fairy would be blessed with that ever-after kind of commitment too!

7. Taking things slow

Courtship is the best phase of any relationship. All those days spent just getting to know one another…sigh! Nowadays, in our super-fast-paced world, everything happens quick-quick-quick, without really giving us enough time to absorb every aspect of each other. Please, boys, couldn’t we take things just a bit slower? 🙂

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8. Breaking up-patching up-breaking up again? Nooo!

A breakup wasn’t always as common a word as it has become today! And “taking a break” wasn’t even a concept. We SO wish for those days when partners wouldn’t break up over silly arguments, those days when we would never give up on each other, come what may!

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