Dating Dilemma: The Answers That We REALLY Want From Men

Anasuya RayAnasuya Ray  |  May 6, 2016


You’ve met someone, and now you guys are dating. It’s pretty great, but you’re still in those early stages, where you don’t really know everything about him – but you wish you did! We bring you the thoughts that run through our minds when we’re seeing someone new – and what we can’t bring ourselves to say out loud because we’re secretly worried about sounding like a total dork or super-clingy. Here are the real questions that we actually want to ask! It’s all right, ladies, no need to be embarrassed – we’ve all been there.

1. How long have you been working there?

Do you have a steady job? An actual career – not some vague artsy thing that’s supposed to be cool. (I hope you are solvent?)

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2. So, how long have you been using Tinder?

How many other women are you meeting off it?!

3. What’s the first thing you noticed about me?

Did you just come up and talk to me because I was wearing a short dress and had a drink in my hand?

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4. I’m kind of done with dating apps…

I’m seriously hoping you’re looking at making this exclusive – and aren’t actually going to start texting someone else as soon as I walk out.

5. Great, I’ll find you on Facebook.

I will stalk the hell out of you on all social media forums to make sure you’re not into some seriously creepy sh*t.

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6. Yeah, so many of my friends are getting engaged, it’s not funny!

What do you feel about marriage and commitment?

7. My friends and I are going out this weekend, you want to come along with a couple of yours too?

Why haven’t you introduced me to your friends as yet? Are you ashamed of me?

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8. God, some people can be such jackasses. This friend of mine, her boyfriend was messing around with someone else for ages…

Are you going to cheat on me?

9. Don’t your parents mind if you have friends over for a party?

If this works out, and we end up married, would we stay with them or could we get a place of our own?

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10. OMG, isn’t that baby adorable?

How do you feel about kids? Do you want to have any? Are you any good with them? What if I don’t want any?

11. Yeah, I’ve managed to stay friends with most of my exes. What about you?

Dude, do you have baggage? If you do, I’m outta here.

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12. When did your last relationship end?

When did you last have sex? I hope you don’t have any STDs!

13. I’m craaaaving a burger right now.

Can I eat my heart out in front of you? Are you going to judge me if I put on weight?

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14. Should we order in tonight instead of going out?

Are you going to think I’m easy if I sleep with you “too soon”?

15. Have you ever been in love?

Do you think you could fall in love with me? Or is this just a fling for you?

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