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Found Love At Work? 10 Things You Need To Be Careful About!

Found Love At Work? 10 Things You Need To Be Careful About!

Dear girls, don’t stress about finding yourself in an awkward place if you’ve fallen for someone at work. Although, there are just a few things for you to keep in mind during work hours as you go about this love story of yours. Read on to know these special rules of managing an office romance!

1. No hanky-panky at work

During the honeymoon phase of any new relationship it can get tough to keep your hands off each other… Well, do yourselves a favour and keep each other at arm’s length at all times in office, because making your colleagues uncomfortable is the last thing you guys want!

P.S.: The restraint would build the excitement of spending time with each other post work!

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2. Inform senior management

If you and your boyfriend are in a serious relationship and see a future together, then you should go ahead and inform the senior management to prevent any jeopardy to your hard earned jobs and positions at work later. Also, make sure you know what the company policy on dating coworkers is. 

3. Keep your distance

Keeping your distance from your sweetheart at work could be tough, but it’s a must to avoid coming in the limelight at work. Moreover, because of spending too much time together at work, meeting post work may feel like you get to see just too much of the other person, and it might prove to be unhealthy for your relationship.

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4. Keep inside jokes, inside

As a couple, you may have inside jokes and stories, which may be very funny. However, it’s a good idea to keep them inside and avoid making fellow colleagues feel left out from the conversation.

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5. Request to be allotted separate teams

If you are in a senior-junior or manager-assistant position with your partner, where a bias may arise with regard to your work due to your romantic relationship, then before giving any colleague an opportunity to raise an issue, request the management to allot you separate teams.

6. Be professional

Come what may, don’t let your personal arguments or the comfort that you guys share, affect your professionalism. Mind your language, distance and respect organizational ethics at all costs, always.

7. Gotta secret, can you keep it?

We know you are dying to tell someone about your new boyfriend (at work) and the absolutely adorable things he does for you. But if you love your job and the respect you command at work, then it’s best to keep those little mushy things a secret.

7 office romance

8. Breakups are nastier

While it’s super easy to fall for someone at work, whom you spend so much time with, working together can be a huge problem in case the relationship doesn’t work out. So before dating a colleague, it would be wise to keep in mind the possibility and repercussions of a breakup.

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9. Trust only selected ones

This is a hard limit. Make sure you don’t confide about your relationship in people you don’t know too well at work. You never know which jealous fellow may misuse the fact in the future to affect your career progress at work.

10. Stay away from social media

Make a conscious effort to refrain from posting pictures of yourselves as a couple on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. While it may be very tempting to announce your love to the world, it can prove to be a terrible idea. Your colleagues and seniors may no longer look at you and respect you the same way again! Either make sure your privacy settings are airtight or just be on safer side and avoid it altogether.

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17 Oct 2016

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