13 Fun Things To Do With Him – Not Just A Typical Date Night!

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Sep 28, 2016
13 Fun Things To Do With Him – Not Just A Typical Date Night!


Are you bored of the typical date nights with your boyfriend? The dressing up, the same set of places to dine and same monotonous conversation. Then maybe it’s time to ditch the idea and go for something fun and exciting to spice up your relationship. Read on for some super interesting alternatives to the typical date night…

1. Stand-Up Comedy Shows

Date nights with your guy can get a bit run-of-the-mill, especially when you’re out of stuff to converse about. A brilliant way to spend time together, without having to talk much, is to go release some happy hormones at a stand up comedy show. My personal favorites are Papa CJ, Vir Das and Saurabh Pant! Follow your favorites on Facebook to keep updated with their schedules!

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2. Ice Skating

Wheeee! Your sweetheart and you can glide over the ice while ice-skating and steal a few giggles each time you loose balance and fall. Trust me, you won’t regret this! (Although your bum might, from all the falling! :-P)

3. Table Tennis, Golf… Or Any Other Sport!

Playing any sport is a superb way to burn calories and release some endorphins. What better way to go about it than partnering up with your boyfriend and playing your favorite sport?

4. Concerts And Music Fests

Tired of eating at the same restaurants and talking about the same stuff? Yet you wish to spend time with your boyfriend? Fret not! Attending your favorite (or any, really!) band’s concert, getting a little high and swaying to the beats with your boyfriend would be a lovely alternative to a date night!

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5. Baking Classes

A bit unconventional but it could turn out to be really enjoyable (providing you can convince him to take a class or two)! I mean, creating finger licking desserts from scratch – how bad can that really be? 😛

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6. Workout

A couple that sweats together stays together! Going for an evening jog or hitting the gym together followed by a healthy juice or salad together could turn out to be better than a date night occasionally!

P.S.:  No stress of dressing up either!!

7. Bowling

Bowling is a great way to spend the evening with your boyfriend, coupled with some beers, hot snacks and beer pong! Get a bit competitive with each other, place some naughty bets – it’ll definitely be a lot of fun!

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8. Food Fests

If you and your boyfriend are foodies then why not ditch the typical fine dining date and keep an eye on the upcoming food fests? Great varieties of food plus the amazing ambience and music at such fests (like the Grub Fest!) are just perfect for bonding!

9. Sitcom Marathon

Too lazy to dress up and go out for the date nigh? A better idea is to stay in, and have a sitcom marathon with your boyfriend. I mean, not much can compete with an engrossing series, popcorn and lots and lots of cuddling.

10. Paintballing, Laser Tag Or Dark Room

Feel inspired by “Khoobsurat” and “Spy Wars” and go for a fun activity like Laser Tag or Paintball or just play Dark Room at home to break that monotony and add some drama to your relationship!

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11. Short Adventure Trips: Skydiving, Zipping, Rock Climbing

Guys absolutely love adventure! Add that extra zing to your relationship and organize a weekend getaway for some adventure sports like Skydiving, Zipping or even Trekking! Seeing this badass side of yours, your guy might fall in love with you all over again.

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12. Salsa classes

Dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea! But there’s no harm suggesting the idea of taking salsa classes to your boyfriend… He might surprise you! Salsa is nothing but a dose of intimacy and matching each other’s rhythm and moves… Definitely beats a typical date night!

13. Video Gaming Night

Make your boyfriend’s dream come true, by ditching his offer for a date night and setting up a video gaming night with beer and nachos instead! You never know, you might end up giving him some serious competition!

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