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Alia Bhatt Just Dropped The Trailer Of ‘Darlings’ & Here Are 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For The Film

Alia Bhatt Just Dropped The Trailer Of ‘Darlings’ & Here Are 5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For The Film

NGL, ever since Alia Bhatt dropped the teaser of her upcoming flick Darlings, we couldn’t wait to watch its trailer. And today, curing our Monday blues, the actress just released the trailer and it’s everything we imagined it to be. From being equal parts funny and terrifying, we get a glimpse into the chaotic lives of Badrunissa AKA Badru, her husband Hamza and of course, her overly-involved mother. While we wait for the film’s much-awaited release, here are five things we absolutely loved about the trailer. 

5 Things About The Darlings Trailer That’s Making Us Hella Excited

The Talented Ensemble

The trailer boasts a wide range of talented actors, who TBH, blew our minds away. From Alia Bhatt who played the fearful yet daring wife, to an abusive husband who was perfectly portrayed by Vijay Varma, we know we’re in for a treat. And how can we forget what looks like the most promising performance of the movie, Shefali Shah. She plays the role of a funny yet mysterious mother and NGL, we can’t wait to witness her magic on screen. 


The Fun Yet Twisted Storyline

The story revolves around a drunk and abusive husband who goes missing. Whether or not the mother and daughter duo are up to this crime is up in the air. With all the elements that make this one a watch-worthy movie, we’re sure this one will take a coveted place in our list of movies to binge. 


While the plotline of the trailer was enough to keep us gripped to the trailer, the background music surely helped. It created both feelings of anticipation and evoked a sense of excitement, making us want to watch the trailer on loop. All the songs of this film are composed by Vishal Bhardwaj with lyrics beautifully penned by veteran poet Gulzar. And now, all we can do is wait for the release of all the amazing tunes. 

The Theme Of Domestic Abuse

There have been several Bollywood movies in the past that have aptly captured the trauma of domestic abuse. However, Darlings would be the first of its kind to do so in a thriller-comedy genre. While this is may be a challenging task, especially with a novice director like Jasmeet K. Reen, the talented actors, scriptwriters, and producers that tell us it’s a promising project. And hey, the totally amazing trailer speaks for itself! 

Alia’s Venture Into The Thriller Genre 


There’s no denying that Alia is one of India’s most talented actresses. From playing the role of an Indian spy in Raazi to portraying a spoilt yet innocent young adult in Student Of The Year, the actress has a string of stellar performances to highlight her career. She now forays her way into the thriller genre and we’re in no doubt that she will once again impress us with her performance. And if the trailer is a gateway of what is yet to come, we’re hella sure we’re in for an entertaining ride. 

Well, we’re thrilled for the release of the film Darlings. Can it be August 5 already?!

Featured Image: Instagram

25 Jul 2022

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