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#WeekendBinge: 7 Movies You Can Watch RN If You Secretly Love Everything Dark

#WeekendBinge: 7 Movies You Can Watch RN If You Secretly Love Everything Dark

Get ready, because your mind is about to get blown!

When it comes to movie genres, there are thrillers and then there are psychological thrillers. They are not your average suspense movies. It has a kind of darkness that can make you really, really uncomfortable. Because these movies play with the human psyche. They reveal your deepest and darkest emotions through another character and leave you perplexed for days. I mean, is there anything more complex than the human mind? We doubt. A regular housewife might be planning to make his cheating husband pay in the most terrible way. A regular corporate worker might be living a dual life and indulging in a delusional world of his imagination. Seriously, when it comes to dark psychological thrillers, there is absolutely no limit. Agree? Then read on.

7 Dark Psychological Movies That Will Leave You In A State Of Trance

From erotic fantasies to revenge to personality disorders, here is the list of movies that have it all. But, we warn you, they’re really, really dark and twisted. So proceed at your own risk.

Haseen Dilruba


Every once and now, there comes a movie that leaves all of us internally conflicted. Haseen Dilruba is a fine example of it. Taapsee Pannu and Vikrant Massey’s relationship has way too many red flags, but the saying that ‘the heart wants what it wants’ suits them perfectly. Their characters will tell you about their deepest desires and insecurities and how it all leads to them behaving the way they do. NGL, this one will become a topic of debate among your friends for a long, long time.

Haseen Dilruba will remind you of Gone Girl as well. While the former is defs, not a remake, it certainly seems inspired by the latter.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Gone Girl


So, right on cue, the next movie that you can watch is Gone Girl. The plot is simple—a smart wife, an oblivious cheating husband, and trouble in paradise. But, here’s the twist—the wife is too smart, the husband is extremely oblivious, the ‘trouble’ in paradise is actually a murder case. This one will trouble you for days. After all, we all know how strong the feelings of jealousy, vindictiveness and betrayal can be. But, what really happens when you let them control you?

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

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Bollywood has given us a lot of masterpieces over the years and Andhadhun is definitely one of them. It’s full of twists and turns and will leave you confused throughout the movie. Tabu and Ayushmann Khurrana’s game of cat and mouse is totes unpredictable. Because like we said, it’s never easy to guess how a human mind will think next. You can never be sure of their reactions and decisions and this nailbiter tells us exactly that.

Where to watch: Netflix

Black Swan


Desires. Dreams. And fantasies. They all are beautiful but equally dangerous when you start confusing them with your reality. It’s good to be ambitious and work hard to achieve your goals, but what exactly happens when you become obsessed with it? Natalie Portman answers all those questions with her award-winning performance in Black Swan. Her wish to be the best ballerina in the world drives her to the edge and leaves us disturbed for days.

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar



This one is not for the faint-hearted ones. NH10 is the movie that tells you exactly what happens when your worst nightmare comes true. Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam had no idea that their one impulsive decision could change their lives completely. We get a look at the darkest and ugliest side of our society when their simple road trip turns into a complete disaster.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The Woman In The Window


Agoraphobia is a condition where people are scared of places that can give them anxiety attacks. Dr Anna Fox, played by Amy Adams, is agoraphobic and cannot leave her house. But, she likes to stay updated with what’s happening around her by peeping into her neighbours’ houses using binoculars. Well, you know such acts do not have good consequences, right? Things become dangerous when she sees something that she isn’t supposed to. But, did she really see it?

Where to watch: Netflix



This is one of the darkest and most twisted Bollywood movies that you can ever watchGiven the fact that it’s directed by Anurag Kashyap, the mind behind AK vs AK (another great pick BTW), we are not that surprised. A helpless father (Rahul Bhatt) has to set his priorities right when his daughter is kidnapped. An insecure husband (Ronit Roy) has to deal with the consequences of treating his marriage with indifference. A wife (Tejaswini Kolhapure) has to find ways to deal with her loneliness without losing her mind. The movie will make you highly uncomfortable because it’s all about human follies and their selfish emotions—aka, all relatable feelings.

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

So fam, which one are you going to watch this weekend?

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08 Jul 2021

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