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The Finest Dark Lipsticks For A Statement Winter Beauty Aesthetic

The Finest Dark Lipsticks For A Statement Winter Beauty Aesthetic

There’s a certain allure about a dark colour scheme that intensifies between the tail-end of November and the beginning of December. A hankering for wine-drenched lacquers asserts itself soon after this realization creeps in — following which the urgency to subscribe to burgundies, plums, and purples migrates to the lips. Because your pinks just don’t do it for you anymore, and that’s a fact you cannot shrug off. If you’re in the process of getting there, here’s a list of the darkest winter lipsticks we could find, and you’re going to want to add them to your hot-girl winter kit ASAP. Check ’em out.

I Can’t Talk RN. I’m Doing Hot Girl Shi*

Everyone Say, ‘Thanks, Gigi!’

Forget Pantone and Viva Magenta. Gigi Hadid cemented grey as the colour of the year the second she embellished the pout in a splash of the shade at the CFDA in November. Sketch by MyGlamm is your initiation into a world where beauty is experimental and unconventional — never safe or sorry. Do you accept this induction? The formula is endowed with a pillow-soft, water-light consistency that drenches the pout in a riot of colour. You’ve got to swipe right.


IMO, This Is Cool

To everyone who’s ever asked you to ‘calm down’ or ‘pare back’ because your confidence threatened them just that much, this lipstick is your reply to them. Just bathe your lips in this statement-making riot of blue before heading for your year-end party, and notice how many heads you swivel and turn (in the best way). Shall we?

The Only Triplets We Like

These lip colours are equal parts sweet and sassy. Though all of them boast an ultra-pigmented pay-off, they embody different moods and aesthetics while at it. While one sings the praises of plum, the other two pump some pink and maroon into your look. These colours are the quirkiest partners-in-crime, and they’re coveted for how stunning they look on camera — every shade of sultry and feisty. This liquid lip kit can salvage your Instagram feed, and you know it. Just do your cold-girl makeup, put on your prettiest dress, swipe on one of these shades, and the double-taps will flow in automatically.


Don’t Judge The Name

Turn Hot Girl Summer into your winter IT-girl staple. Because who doesn’t like a little bit of a dichotomy in life? This sweet, lush-looking red looks like you’ve crushed a couple of freshly-picked cherries onto the lips. Though it’s matte, it feels hydrating and velvety-smooth on the lips courtesy of the ultra-nourishing Moringa Oil. And, hey, if the New Year’s resolution fits, this one’s vegan and cruelty-free.

A Hot, Hot Cup Of Cocoa

This dark chocolate-inspired bullet is going to make the appeal of a cup of cocoa and a warm, cosy blanket very, very palpable. It hugs your pout like a dream — and stays on for five hours straight. Because it is infused with Vitamin E and lip-softening agents alike, you’ll never have to deal with cracks and dryness for as long as you have this dark, dark brown lippie on you. Once this is on, you can pare back on the rest of your makeup to balance out the drama.


Violet Vendetta

The only thing this list was missing was a shade of purple. This matte-textured formula does just to its name — because it’s Always On. A blend of jojoba, apricot and sunflower oils lend a certain ultra-hydrating quality to the lipstick that’ll prevent your lips from drying or cracking. This one’s water-resistant and smudge-proof a blend of jojoba, apricot and sunflower oils — more like kiss-proof. Are you wearing this on New Years’?

Which one of these are you adding to your cart?


Featured Image: Instagram

07 Dec 2022
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