Hello Sista! We’re Convinced That These 10 Daily Soap Bahus Can Be Each Other’s True BFFs

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Sep 9, 2021
Hello Sista! We’re Convinced That These 10 Daily Soap Bahus Can Be Each Other’s True BFFs

There are several things that happen on a daily soap that perplex us on an everyday basis. From watching a man live with his ex-wife and current wife under the same roof to witnessing a couple marry for the hundredth time on-screen, we have seen it all. Not going to lie, while some of these storylines excite us, some of them terrify our souls. But, if there’s one plot twist that we truly enjoy, it’s all those Maha-episodes (they’re as dramatic as they sound) that give us major crossovers. The characters from two different shows come together for one episode and give us an OD of drama. It is always fun to watch the bahus of different soaps share screen time together. But, why just for an episode?

What would happen if the female protagonists of different shows befriend each other? What would they talk about? Their families or workload? Would they shapeshift together? Would they plot murders or would they decode all the sinister saazish of their enemies?

Well, it is time to find out! We have paired up the OG bahus of Indian daily soaps and we think that they can be each other besties. Intrigued? Scroll ahead to know all about it.

10 TV Show Bahus Who Can Be BFFs IRL

Here are the bahus of Hindi serials who can be great friends and make each other’s lives easier.

Gopi Modi & Imlie Tripathi (Saath Nibhaana Saathiyaa & Imlie)


These two ambitious women always surprise their family members with their talents. While Imlie is outspoken and fearless, Gopi is obedient and docile. We think these two will always have each other’s back and respect them for who they are. Also, Imlie might boost Gopi’s confidence and the latter might help the other win her family’s love.

Sai Joshi & Monisha Sarabhai (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin & Sarabhai VS Sarabhai)


Both of them speak their mind without any hesitation and we love them for it. Their in-laws are frequently taunting them for their lifestyle and habits, but these women cannot care less. Well, together they can vent out their stress and be each other’s support system—just like true BFFs!

Prerna Sharma & Sirat Shekhawat (Kasautii Zindagi Kay & Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)


They both are strong-headed, stubborn, and know how to fight for their rights. We’re sure that both of them will instantly love each other and form a camaraderie that will be impossible to break.

Maya Mehrotra & Ishita Bhalla (Beyhadh & Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)


Alright, these two are not similar at all, but together, they can make each other’s lives easier. Maya is strong, confident and can never let anyone treat her wrong. Ishita is understanding and compassionate. She can help Maya understand the meaning of true love, while the latter will help her take a stand for herself.

Simar Bharadwaj & Annika Oberoi (Sasural Simar Ka & Ishqbaaz)


Simar is emotional and often forgets to prioritise herself over others. Annika is fierce and will not allow anyone to do her wrong. Simar’s calmness can soothe Annika while she can help the former to not take everything so seriously in life.

So ladies, better ring your potential BFFs up and befriend them STAT!

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