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10 Adorable Ways To Announce Your Wedding On Instagram!!

10 Adorable Ways To Announce Your Wedding On Instagram!!

If it’s not on social media, did it even happen at all? While you’re busy celebrating your new phase of life, don’t forget to announce your wedding on Instagram, in total style! Here are some fun, sweet, sentimental ideas for how you could probably do it. #HappyToHelp

1. ‘Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.’

This iconic quote with just about any image of you and the Mr. is the perfect and most classic way to announce your nuptials to the world.

1 announce your wedding on instagram

2. ‘You may now call me Mrs Always Right’

For the fun and quirky girl, this announcement is definitive proof that you are married, happy, and right about everything – as per usual. *Insert hair flip here*

2 announce your wedding on instagram

3. ‘Found the Marshall to my Lily and I couldn’t be happier’

This is a reference from How I Met Your Mother, one of the cutest TV shows of all time. Marshall and Lily are the quintessential college sweethearts and if you’ve watched the show, there’s a big chance you’ve always wanted a love like that!

3 announce your wedding on instagram

4. ‘Bridezilla Mode Off. Wife Mode On.’

This one is perfect for the girls who was previously documenting the run-up to the wedding. It’s a statement to the world announcing you are now in a brand new phase of life!

Marriage Invitation Quotes

4 announce your wedding on instagram

5. ‘Life is better with your best friend. That’s why I married mine.’

Perfect for the girl who believes that love is friendship. Basically, we can all bookmark this status for the future.

5 announce your wedding on instagram

6. ‘He married a Monica!’

This quote along with the image, according to us, is the cutest way to announce your marriage! A relatable AF FRIENDS reference about everyone’s favourite TV couple is just goals! Besides, who doesn’t love FRIENDS?

6 announce your wedding on instagram

7. Thank God Bauji said ‘Jaa Simran Jaa, Je Le Apni Zindagi’

This one is (needless to say) for all the filmy girls out there! It absolutely does not get more epic than DDLJ, right? PS: For maximum impact please do include a lovely picture from the shaadi. If your bauji is in the frame, then nothing like it!

7 announce your wedding on instagram

8. The Starbucks Way!

Another cute way to let the cat outta the bag is to straight away upload a picture of your hand with a Starbucks takeaway cup. Your hand will have mehendi we are assuming, and plus you can show off your awesome manicure and your shiny new ring. The cup can have your brand new last name (should you choose to change it). We think it’s cute, effective, and oh-so-Pinteresty!

8-1 announce your wedding on instagram

9. The ‘Din Shagna Da’ Post!

The Internet is moving more and more towards video content. The cutest way to use this to your advantage is to make a small video with a few pictures from the wedding or the pre wedding shoot and add the beautiful shaadi song Din Shagna Da in the background. You don’t need anyone to help you with this – you can always use apps like Flipagram or even iMovie to make it yourself. We think it’s a beautiful and warm way to give the world a glimpse into your special moments!

9 announce your wedding on instagram

10. ‘Found someone special to annoy for the rest of my life. #Hitched’

Sweet, simple, and adorable! We think some events in life don’t need extra long explanations, no?

PS: However you choose to announce it, don’t forget to use emojis and hashtags to your advantage. You can also use the new multiple photos option on Instagram and make a cute story by camptioning 4-5 photos. You can also use a cute gif of the two of you! Oh God, the options are endless. Just let your creativity run wild!

10 announce your wedding on instagram

GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy

11 Jun 2017

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