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7 Cute Tote Bags You Would Love To Buy Before They Go Out Of Stock

7 Cute Tote Bags You Would Love To Buy Before They Go Out Of Stock

Isn’t your closet already full of designer handbags? Sometimes, we’re afraid of actually using them because they’re so expensive and we don’t want them to get spoilt. Also, for everyday occasions like going to the nearby market or to carry our lunch box to work, we prefer to carry a lightweight bag that serves the purpose. That is when tote bags come in handy.

So, if you’re done spending on designer bags that put a dent in your wallet and are looking for a cool multi-purpose bag, then check out these super cute tote bags. You should totally buy your favourite one before it runs out of stock.

1. Root For Jute

Tote Bag 1

The onset of rains not only spoil our favourite bags but also the contents of it. So, check out this super trendy multipurpose bag which is waterproof. It is a jute tote bag that’ll go with all your outfits.


Buy it here. Price: Rs 132

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2. Good Things Are Going To Happen

Tote Bag 2

Carry your world with you in this fun tote bag. Made of polyester fabric, this bag will keep your things safe, even on the rainy days. It is a colourful bag that has all-things-vibrant with a beautiful quote to motivate you.


Buy it here. Price: Rs 995

3. Say No To Plastic

Tote Bag 3

We all know the damage plastic can do to our environment. So, contribute to the ‘No Plastic’ movement by buying this eco-friendly bag. This tote bag is perfect for your everyday shopping needs. And not to miss the cute animals printed on it.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 249


4. Wonder Woman

Tote Bag 4

If you’re a fan-girl looking for the perfect tote bag for you, check out this one with the Wonder Woman graphic on it. With this tote bag, you symbolise to gain immense superpowers and be a strong woman. Go ahead, let the superwoman inside you be seen!

Buy it here. Price: Rs 399

5. Panda Panda Panda!

Tote Bag 5


Don’t we just love pandas? They’re cute, fluffy and have squish worthy cheeks. For the panda lover in you, check out this absolutely adorable tote bag that definitely should be in your shopping cart.

Buy it here. Price: Rs 199

6. For All Coffee Lovers

Tote Bag 6

If you can’t function in the morning without a cup of coffee. If drinking coffee makes you feel happy and positive then this beige tote bag is just for you. Let this bag make a statement and caste an impression.


Buy it here. Price: Rs 499

7. 100% Boy Tears

Tote Bag 7

Be it a busy day at work, a trip to the grocery store or a beach vacay, tote bags are just what you need to carry all the necessary and the unnecessary stuff! We totes love this 100% boy tears one for gifting your bestie who loves to bring boys down to their knees.

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Buy it here. Price: Rs 599

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29 Jul 2018

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