7 Super Cute Shirt Dresses For The College Going Girl!

Anusha RahejaAnusha Raheja  |  Jul 15, 2016
7 Super Cute Shirt Dresses For The College Going Girl!


When you’re in college and basically have 20 minutes to get ready before the 8 a.m. class, dressing up is all about how quickly you can put on something comfortable and sort of presentable. But then, college is also about looking cool and trying new things. So here we are, making those “I have nothing to wear” mornings easier for every college going girl. Say hello to the Shirt Dress – something to make you look fabulous everyday! They looks good on almost every body type and are completely hassle-free. We have shortlisted a few super cool shirt dresses you need to buy before your new session begins.

1. Floral Printed Shirt Dress

1 shirt dresses for college

This dress is everything that a girl in college wants from an outfit! It’s fun, pretty, super comfortable and so easy to style. Just pair this with white sneakers and pink lip balm and you’re all set to have a fabulous day in college.

Price: Rs. 779. Buy it here.

2. Denim Shirt Dress

2 shirt dresses for college

You can hardly ever go wrong with denim. Pair this smart dress with sneakers and a cool backpack. Perfect for your after college scene with friends too!

Price: Rs. 1,495. Buy it here.

3. Handblock Print Shirt Dress

3 shirt dresses for college

Perfect for a warm summery day at college, this one is our personal favourite. Pair it with jhumkis and bright kolhapuris and you’ll feel oh-so-pretty all day. Oh and it’s also perfect for a casual date after classes.

Price: Rs. 1,199. Buy it here.

4. Cotton Shirt Dress

4 shirt dresses for college

If you’re going for a casual yet cute look, this is your dress!! Pair this one with your favourite black or white tee, some kohl and maybe a cute hairband.

Price: Rs. 1,740. Buy it here.

5. Maxi Shirt Dress

5 shirt dresses for college

Go boho with this gorgeous printed maxi shirt dress. You could accessorize it with chandelier earrings but even without any other effort, this dress is just perfect.

Price: Rs. 1,819. Buy it here.

6. Woven Shirt Dress

6 shirt dresses for college

No better way to beat the heat and keep the sun at bay than by wearing a gorgeous white dress. This dress will take all of your summer woes away and make you look effortlessly gorgeous!

Price: Rs. 1,959. Buy it here.

7. Red Printed Shirt Dress

7 shirt dresses for college

Keep your look simple yet smart with this shirt dress. Style it with a pair of black gladiator sandals and a nude bag and you’re all set for the after college mall scene too.

Price: Rs. 1,495. Buy it here.

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