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Aww-Dorable: 6 Beauty Products That You Should Just Buy For The Super Cute Packaging

Aww-Dorable: 6 Beauty Products That You Should Just Buy For The Super Cute Packaging



Are you a sucker for cute packaging? Well, same here. My affinity for these started when I was still in school and I would carry around weirdly shaped lip balms in my pocket and pass them around to the whole class during assembly. Now, of course, it’s increased tenfold where I practically hoard anything that comes in cute packaging. Never judge a book by its cover, they say but I most definitely do. 

So, if you’re like me then this article is going to be heaven for you cause it’s filled with beauty products that come in adorable packaging. So, read on to know which ones made the list.

6 Beauty Products That You Should Just Buy For The Super Cute Packaging


Purple lipstick? Hell yeah! Lilac is super on-trend and this lipstick will just brighten up your entire makeup collection. Be done with those boring black lipsticks and try out this one. The bonus here- the shade is a bright fuchsia and it’s also flavoured so you’ll get that yummy taste too.


Spongebob makeup removing towels- Woah, the beauty world is making my childhood dreams come true. This is a pack of seven and can be used every day of the week. They’re a sustainable alternative to single-use makeup wipes and can be simply washed and reused. Seriously, this can make an annoying job like getting rid of makeup also fun.

Cola flavoured lip balms in a Coca-Cola tin, count me in. This one comes with six pieces and is the perfect gift for a friend who is always applying and losing her lip balms. C’mon, this is just as adorable as it gets.

TONYMOLY sure know what they’re doing with their packaging cause we don’t really understand how this perfectly round tomato can actually be a face mask. After cleansing your skin, slather some on, wait for it to dry, and then rinse it off. You’ll get brighter and rejuvenated skin in just one use.

Don’t have a boo? That’s fine, makeup will never break your heart like your ex did and that’s why you should invest in this heart-shaped blush from Too Faced. It’s got tiny sparkles so it’ll give you a flushed and highlighted look together and the shade is just gorgeous.

Cheers to applying a wine-shaped lip tint. It’s so cute and great for your friend who can’t help but finish the wine bottle once she’s opened it. It’s a beautiful plum colour and will give the lips a really nice hue.

Which one(s) are you buying?

Featured Image: Instagram

30 Jun 2021

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