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7 Cute Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding!

7 Cute Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding!

Weddings in the summers are romantic and vibrant. The only downside is that they tend to get too hot. The heat not only melts your make-up but also has the knack of messing your hairdo. Lucky for you, we have a solution! We give you 7 amazing summer hairstyles for the bride!

Bridal Hairstyle 1. Side braiding it like a pro!

This hairstyle is not only very easy to do, but it’s also perfect for the summer! All you’ve got to do is make a side pony and braid the rest of it up. For minor touch-ups, you can use a hairspray and bobby pins. Trust us, you’re going to be the centre of attention with this hairstyle for the bride.


Bridal Hairstyle 2. The classic top knot bun

If you have medium-length hair, this summer hairstyle for the bride is perfect for you! Basically, it’s just a bundle of hair that is neatly gathered to the top of your head and secured well with a hair tie. The best part is that you can wrap up this hairdo in less than 10 minutes. How awesome is that, right?!



Bridal Hairstyle 3. Knotted ponytail for the win

For a wedding, this hairstyle for the bride looks minimal but is very classy as well. It’s easy to do and it does a fab job of saving you from the heat. Be prepared to get tons of compliments coming your way. After all, you deserve it, gorgeous!


Bridal Hairstyle 4. The twisted updo

With this dreamy summer hairstyle for the bride, you’re bound to look like a Disney princess! It looks elegant and not to forget, insanely easy to do. All you need is a bit of hairspray and a couple of hair ties, and you’re good to go!


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Bridal Hairstyle 5. Fake the bob!

Rather than getting a bob, you can now fake one without chopping your hair off! A few bobby pins, serum and hair clips will do the trick. For long and medium-length hair, this hairstyle for the bride is perfect. Good luck!


Bridal Hairstyle 6. That braided bun

When you merge a braid and a bun, you’re left with a stunning new summer hairstyle for the bride. Yes ladies, the braided bun is the perfect hairdo for a hot summer day. You can also accessorize it with pretty hair pins and ribbons!


Bridal Hairstyle 7. The dreamy fishtail braid

The best part about the fishtail braid is that you can do it on your own! And, the results are absolutely stunning. Not only will you grab eyeballs, but you’ll also save yourself from the scorching heat!


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05 May 2016
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