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20 Sweet, Cute, Weird Little Habits For A Happy Relationship!

20 Sweet, Cute, Weird Little Habits For A Happy Relationship!

Every relationship is like a rollercoaster – there are always sharp turns and bumps, but there are some couples who always make it through this bumpy ride. The secret to a happy relationship lies in the small things that the two people do for each other. Here is a list of the special, cute, weird, funny yet important habits which every happy couple has.

1. Start your day by wishing each other good morning even if you are running late…

This can make someone’s day and keep them smiling all day long!

cute and important habits every couple should adopt

2. Treat your partner like your closest friend!

Friendship is always the foundation for having long lasting fun together.

3. Never let one stay upset for too long…

Always know the secret key to bringing a smile to their face. 🙂

4. Always take out time for each other even when you’re super busy

A call between work hours from your partner is always an exciting call to receive!

5. Never miss out on an opportunity for a date night!

Make sure to mark date nights on the calendar often.

cute and important habits every couple should adopt

6. Compliment each other

Little compliments and some encouragement can go a long way.

7. Don’t give up on the small gestures

A simple message asking whether he’s reached home or him waiting for you to get inside the house while dropping you back – they mean more than you think!

8. Never sleep angry with your partner!

Never carry a fight forward to the next day. Sleep on a happy note and at peace with one another.

9. Don’t always think of compromise as a negative term

Happy couples are always ready to do things for one another. If something makes your partner happy, why not try doing it with him?

cute and important habits every couple should adopt

10. Laugh at each other’s silly jokes and habits along with some high fives!

That’s love!

11. Cook for each other – simple Maggi or fancy pasta!

The thought is what always counts much more.

12. Find one-on-one time for each other often

Bonding and spending some quality time as often as you can will only make your relationship stronger.

13. Learn how to bounce back from a fight without holding a grudge!

Always be able to apologize and repair any damage you may have caused to the relationship.

cute and important habits every couple should adopt

14. Go ahead and complete each other’s sentences every now and then!

Go ahead, freak each other out by predicting what the other is going to say. It’ll only make you realise how well you actually know each other!

15. Share what you know…

When you are told, “listen, don’t tell anyone”, your partner doesn’t count! They’re not “anyone”. Don’t deprive your partner of all the fun gossip you know! 😛

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16. Be weird with and around each other!

Weird selfies. Weird dance moves. Weird videos. Weird songs. Jumping on each other. Tickle fights. Just be you!

17. Don’t let night-outs with friends turn into a stress factor…

Having a boys’ night or a girls’ night out is a healthy habit in every relationship – don’t let it be a cause of worry or fights!

cute and important habits every couple should adopt

18. Talk about what’s on your mind

Never ever leave things unsaid. Have a problem? Talk about it! Never assume on their behalf.

19. Don’t forget that good night messages…

… are the secret to happy dreams!

20. Say I LOVE YOU often!

Three simple words to make your partner feel special and loved!


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05 May 2016

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