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Curly Hairstyles for Wedding 2021

20+ Gorgeous Curly Wedding Hairstyles For The Bride & Her Bridesmaids!

Curly hair is not to be straightened, but to be celebrated! When styled to perfection, it can make a bride look glamorous on her wedding day. Curls can be defined into many subcategories such as coily, wavy and curly. You have to pick and choose a hairstyle based on your curl type. If you have curly hair and your wedding is coming up sometime this year, don’t straighten it or tie it up into a sleek bun – let your curls flow. Here’s a list of the best curly hairstyles for weddings.

Best Curly Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

These curly hairstyles for brides are so gorgeous that any bride who tries these out will look like a million bucks on her wedding day! Let’s check ’em out, shall we?

Short Curly Hairstyles For Wedding


You can pull off a curly hairstyle if you have short hair! Team the hairstyle with a pretty hair accessory, and you will shine on your big day.

Like A Greek Goddess


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If you have tight curls, this bridal hairstyle for curly hair will look smashing on you. To make your curls sit, you have to apply a curling mousse or a curling cream. Finish the look by wearing a dainty leaf-motif headband.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle For Saree

To One Side


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Embrace your natural curls by opting for this hairstyle. Apart from applying a product like hairspray, curling cream and mousse, you only have to do a side parting and your curly wedding hair is complete!

Short Is Sexy


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This hairstyle works for someone who has short hair, loose waves and less volume. This hairstyle looks so glamorous by itself that you don’t even need a hair accessory to make it stand out. It just does!

Natural Is Beautiful


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For a bride who has natural curls and wants to show them off, this is the hairstyle you need to get. With a little help from a heated pair of tongs here and there, you too can recreate this natural curly hair wedding hairstyle.

Like A Princess


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I don’t know why, but for some weird reason, this hairstyle gives one princess vibes. This short curly hairstyle for a wedding with the gold leaf headband makes a lovely curly bridal hairstyle.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyle For Wedding

When it comes to having medium length hair – you have a choice either to tie your hair up or leave it open. We’ve given you hairstyle options for both below.

The Low Bun Updo

This hairstyle looks romantic and can make any bride look like a queen on her big day. To pretty up that bun, don’t forget to dress it up using floral and gem hairpins.

Keep It Simple

If you want to keep it minimal and simple on your wedding day, opt for this lovely hairstyle. The tighter the ringlets, the prettier this hairstyle will look.

Loose Half Up Hairstyle

For someone who has naturally wavy hair, this loose curls wedding hairstyle will look stunning on her. This hairstyle is so pretty as it is, you don’t need hair accessories to glam it up!

Curled & Crowned

One of your most unique features is your curls. If you have them, show them off on your wedding day. In place of the olive branch hair accessory, a crown will look splendid too!

Slicked-Back Frizzy Ponytail

Curly hair has the reputation of becoming frizzy when exposed to heat and humidity. Use this to your advantage by opting for this hairstyle. Keep the crown area sleek and relaxed and the ponytail frizzy.

Long Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

Long curly hair looks majestic when neatly groomed and left open. Here’s an exciting list of hairstyles for long curly hair for weddings.

Layered & Gathered

This low cool and messy bun makes a great bridal hairstyle for a curly-haired woman. If you’re not wearing a wedding veil, choose a statement hairpiece like this floral one.

Voluminous Curly Bun

This curly bridal hairstyle will look great on someone who has thick and voluminous curls. Also, the crown and the floral pins will make this hairstyle stand out even more!

Wild & Free

If you’ve recently coloured your curls, don’t hide them in a bun on your big day. On the contrary, let them loose and celebrate them!

Mane Goals

Do your natural curls resemble this bridal hairstyle? If so, then you should sport it on your wedding day. Add a bling hairpiece to decorate your mane.

Long & Romantic

If the wedding ceremony is taking place in the earlier half of the day, you may not have a lot of time to dress up, get your makeup done and do your hair. This bridal hairstyle can save you time and looks elegant at the same time.

Curly Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Do you have a friend’s wedding coming up? If you’re wondering how to wear your curls on their big day, we’ve got some cool hairstyles for you to try.

Short Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

These hairstyles for short curly hair for a wedding will make you look elegant, pretty and oh-so-glamorous.

Pushed-Back Beauty

This short curly hair wedding hairstyle looks elegant and does cover your face or ears. It’s the perfect hairstyle to sport if you’re wearing chunky baubles.

Afro Lovin’

Afro hairstyles are difficult to style into a bun or a ponytail. With the right hair mousse and gel, you can make your afro hairstyle look as gorgeous as this.

Girl With The Bangs

Who said you can’t have bangs if you have curly short hair? Here’s proof of how amazing it looks!

Medium Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

Medium curls are of an ideal length to experiment with different hair trends, hairstyles and colours. Let’s check these curly wedding hairstyles for medium length hair out, shall we?

Speak In Layers

Layers and curls are a match made in heaven. Apply some curling mousse and we bet your curls will look glossy and fancy.

Beachy Curls

Beachy curls with bangs will make you look like a bombshell at the wedding. To make sure that your curls stay put and hydrated, spray water mixed with conditioner in it.

Scarf It Up

So done with leaving your curls open all the time? Tie it up into a high bun and wear a statement hair accessory like this stylish scarf headband.

Long Curly Hairstyles For Wedding

Top knots, low buns and ponytails – we’ll spoil you rotten with these wedding hairstyles for long curly hair!

Like A Pineapple

If you have long ringlets, give the pineapple bun hairstyle a shot! When teamed with an off-shoulder dress or halter neck blouse, it can fetch you plenty of compliments.

Put A Bow On It

This long curly hairstyle for weddings is not different from your classic updo. It’s the same! Only the bow makes it stand out even further.

A Slicked Back Side Ponytail

It doesn’t get any more elegant than this ladies. This curly ponytail will make you look like a stunner at the wedding. 

Bridal Accessories For Curly Hairstyles

Looking for elegant and sparkly hair accessories? Your wish is our command, beautiful! Just sit back, relax and scroll on.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Delicate diamonds and precious pearls, this crown is a fit for only a royal like you are.

Flowers For Milady

This rose gold wreath headband is a perfect hair accessory if you’re sporting a slicked back bun or ponytail.

Silver Shiny Pearls

Looking for affordable hair accessories to go with your low bun? We’ve found you the perfect silver pearl hair comb.

Metal Leaf Headband

Unlike a crown, the best part of this metal leaf wedding hair accessory is that it’s adjustable and flexible.

Barbie’s Pink Crystal Crown

If Barbie had a twin sister, it would be you if you showed up to a friend’s wedding wearing this pink crystal crown.

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So ladies, which of these hairstyles for curly hair for a wedding are you tempted to try out first? We know, all of them look equally fabulous.

25 Feb 2021

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