Cruella Hair Colour Is The Latest Celeb-Approved Trend & It’s Ideal For Hot Girl Summer

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 1, 2021
Cruella Hair Colour Trend And Ways To Try It


When the first image of Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil got released back in 2019, we were drooling over her punk-inspired black leather jacket. However, it’s not her stand-out fashion looks but her edgy hair colour that’s gaining steam at the moment. Thanks to the ultimate beauty queen, Selena Gomez for making this trend super wearable. The iterations sweeping the ‘gram right now are perf to shake things up this summer cause bold hair colours and summertime belong together. 

So if you want to hop on the dual-tone hair colour trend, scroll down to see the coolest iterations that we’re loving right now. We bet you will feel inspired to recreate these ASAP.

6 Ways To Try The Most Popular Hair Trend Of 2021

Selena-Approved Version

We are calling it: Selena is the connoisseur of the Cruella-hair and we’re officially obsessed with her take on this trend. This style in particular ditches all the hair color rules of the past decade when the soft and natural blend were the front-runners of the beauty world. It features signature dark hair colour peeking out from underneath and looks really cool when hair is tied in a neat ponytail, brushed straight back.

For Minimalist Folks

If you are a minimalist who loves indulging in the latest in the beauty world then this might be your favourite way to wear the trend. This one is subtle in its approach and edgy enough to help you make a head-turning statement. It involves dipping the shortest layer that resides underneath in a contrasting shade and can be easily done at home. You can opt for a slightly subtle shade of blonde if you wish to keep it even more minimal.

The Half-And-Half Pairing

Here’s yet another subtle version to wear the colour-blocking trend. If you are looking for a chic yet standout variation, opt for this half and half pairing. It involves dividing the hair into two sections, the upper half dyed in a natural blend – a colour that’s closer to your natural hair shade with solid-hued unnatural opposite on the lower half. It will also add an illusion of density and depth to your strands.

The One’s That Bold Yet Chic

If you prefer tying your hair up as a bun most days, consider this half and half variant of the trend. Even a thin layer on the base of your mane can make you go from zero to hero. It will impart a bold sensibility that’s effortlessly understated and playfully chic. It’s an easy version of the wildly popular hair trend and looks oh-so-stylish.

Keep It Spicy

The choice of the colour scheme takes this version up a notch making it one of our favourites. If you like to keep things spicy, trade in the blonde or the bleached out white for a reddish pop of colour and you’ll be nailing a next-level, incredible take on Cruella hair colour. This is a trend that’s sure to bubble up in the days ahead and we are inspired to try this eccentric look ASAP.

The Platinum Blonde Hair

Billie Elish is a superstar known for her signature style. She doesn’t shy away from trying the boldest of trends and creating some of her own. This time she added a twist to her style by sporting brown roots that are dripped down into platinum blonde ends. This is the freshest and the boldest version of Cruella hair that will continue to influence the hair colour space for months to come.

Try out this hair colour trend for major cool girl vibes!

Featured Image: Instagram