#Bedtime: 45 CRAZY Thoughts We Have Before Going To Sleep!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016
#Bedtime: 45 CRAZY Thoughts We Have Before Going To Sleep!


Somehow, the second we hit the bed to sleep, our brains manage to come alive – more than they do the entire day! A whirlwind of thoughts take over and push us over the edge while we try to drift off to la la land! And it happens almost every night! That’s why we bring to you some of those crazy thoughts that go through our minds before finally getting some – much needed and sought after – sleep!

1. I am soooo tired! Can’t wait to go to sleep, literally more tired than I have ever been before.

1 before going to bed

2. Finally, bed – how I missed you, you sweet little cushion of joy! *Snuggles in and gets comfy*

3. Might as well check my phone for a bit.. *Scrolls, scrolls, scrolls – refreshes page – scrolls, scrolls*

4. And take a selfie! #BedTime #NoMakeup

 4 before going to bed

5. I am so thirsty I could drink a gallon of water.

6. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t sleep all night – would I wake up more sleepy or awake?

7. OMG I need to pee.

8. But I also just really do not want to move – maybe I can pee tomorrow.

9. Okay, no – need to pee!

before going to bed 9

10. Why does getting out of bed in the middle of the night feel so scary? I swear there are actual monsters in my room. *Turns mobile flashlight on*

11. Aah, so much better- now I can get to sleep.

12. Why can’t I sleep? What is happening?

before going to bed 12

13. Maybe I should turn the fan on

14. Maybe I should turn the AC off.

15. Okay I can’t sleep without the wooshing noise of the AC. Give me back the wooshing noise, dammit.

16. Shall I try counting sheep? Does that even work?

17. What about counting unicorns, wouldn’t that be so much prettier?

18. I wish unicorns were real.

before going to bed 18

19. Sigh… If I keep thinking about unicorns, are unicorns going to be in my dream?

20. Wait, why do I keep saying unicorns?

21. Is anyone else awake? Lemme text them.

22. Is my crush awake? I wanna text HIM. But what should I say? Hmmm – this is why I need other people to be awake, dammit!

23. LOL, I wonder if it’s true what they say, “When you’re awake and can’t sleep – it’s coz you’re in someone else’s dream…”

before going to bed 23

24. He better be dreaming about me.

25. Okay, I need a new bed. It’s clearly this bed – this is why I just can’t sleep. It’s so bloody uncomfortable.

26. I wonder what makes a good bed… Should I just sleep on the floor?

27. How much do beds cost anyway?

28. *Googles prices of beds in India*

29. What was that noise? *Whispers* “Hello…?”

before going to bed 29

30. Am I too old to go sleep in my parents’ room?

31. This is crazy, I have work tomorrow. I NEED to sleep.

32. I’m actually going to start crying if I don’t get to sleep.

33. Then again, I am a little bit hungry…hmmm.

34. Kitchen’s a bit far, though.

35. *Turns on side and cuddles pillow* This is kind of comfy, maybe now I’ll get some shut eye.

before going to bed 35

36. I wonder what other people are doing right now.

37. Time difference is kind of strange, really.

38. Shall I just flip open my laptop and watch a couple episodes of something? Seems like the smartest thing to do.

before going to bed 38

39. I wonder if there are articles online telling you how to sleep properly?

40. *Googles* “How to sleep properly at night?”

41. I wonder what’s for breakfast tomorrow.

42. Eggs would be cool, with some bacon.

43. Oh man, bacon – salty, pink goodness – I looooove bacon.

44. Okay, I need to sleep. Just sleep, woman – close your eyes and go to sleep. SLEEP!!

45. I wonder if I’ll ever find love… *Drifts off thinking about the possibility of Prince Charming*

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