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42 Crazy Thoughts I Had While Watching Badhaai Ho For The First Time

42 Crazy Thoughts I Had While Watching Badhaai Ho For The First Time

Amit Sharma’s new movie, Badhaai Ho just hit the theatres and it is a must watch! The movie stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra in lead roles but the actual stars of the film are Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao who play Ayushmann’s parents and the recently (and accidentally) pregnant couple. The film revolves around the story of Ayushmann who is embarrassed over the idea of his mother’s pregnancy and how the entire family deals with this good news. Here are all the thoughts I had while watching the movie for the first time. 

1. This movie starts with the mom emotionally blackmailing her son. How typical.

2. Ayushmann Khurrana playing tambola with aunties should be the reason for you to watch this movie.

3. ‘You will only buy flowers for me’ I’m getting the vibe of his girlfriend.

4. The girlfriend’s mom likes Ayushmann. But same can’t be said about liking his family, this is going to cause problems in the future. 

5. This movie’s Delhi vibe is pretty on point.

6. There is some saas bahu drama too if you’re an Ekta Kapoor fan.

7. Ayushmann is like every boy I went to college with. Loving how ordinary this movie is. And funny too.

8. His parents are so cute. Old people being romantic is something Bollywood has always been sceptical about portraying.

9. Ohooooo. The mom is finally sick. Shit is about to go down.

10. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Don’t judge my life, this movie is genuinely funny.

01 Crazy Thoughts I Had While Watching Badhaai Ho For The First Time

11. The looks have begun. The cat is out of the bag.

12. You’re having a baby! Shouldn’t you be happy?

13. Ayushmann’s dad is such a good husband. He respects his wife so much it’s heartwarming.

14. Why is it so scary to tell your family that you’re having another baby? Wouldn’t the boys be happy they’re gonna get a sibling?

15. The look on Ayushmann’s face is just priceless. Poor boy is stunned.

16. I’ve never heard an entire theatre laugh this loudly.

17. Pardon my language but the mother-in-law is a bitch. God, she’s annoying. And such a judgmental aunty. Sexist too.

18. What is this slut shaming? Right in their own house.

19. At least the father is nice to his pregnant wife. When no one else clearly cares.

20. Ouch. You’ll find out what the younger son stole. And when you do. It’ll all make sense.

02 Crazy Thoughts I Had While Watching Badhaai Ho For The First Time

21. The girlfriend is finally meeting his parents!

22. Launde ki shaadi ke saath sarbala bhi taiyaar kar diya. Iconic.

23. The kids are taking this way too far and a little too personally if you ask me.

24. I’m loving the romance between the parents. It’s just too cute. The dad is so caring!

25. Her baby bump is huge. It looks so uncomfortable.

26. Ayushmann’s girlfriend is the only voice of reason in his life. This girl thinks this is normal and I’m so proud of her.

27. ‘You’re just a typical Indian man,’ she said. I love Reene (Ayushmann’s girlfriend aka Sanya Malhotra) so much.

28. There is something very shady about the younger brother.

29. ‘His family is a circus I don’t want to buy tickets to.’ Renee’s mom is brutal.

30. Finally, the sons have grown up! I’m so proud of the kids.

03 Crazy Thoughts I Had While Watching Badhaai Ho For The First Time

31. Whoever wrote the dialogues for this movie is my new favourite person.

32. I am so done with this slut shaming. Finally, the saas is speaking up in her defence. How times have changed.

33. I’m not crying, you are. I’m starting to like the mother-in-law.

34. I never quite understood why people find sonograms cute.

35. Everything is going well. I’m afraid something bad is going to happen.

36. The songs of this movie are underrated.

37. It’s strange how much I connect with this movie. It’s so rustic and real.

38. Ayushmann, you adorable little boy.

39. Oh shit. No no no. Is she going into labour before the baby shower?

40. Spoiler!!! It’s a healthy AF baby and it’s been an incredibly tough journey for all of us.

41. Oh my god! this baby is so cute. I can’t even.

42. Why am I crying again? I need to stop watching these emotional movies alone. Also, I can hear the girl next to be sobbing very audibly.

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19 Oct 2018

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