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33 Crazy Thoughts We ALL Have Just Before Our Birthday!

Everyone loves being the centre of attention (at least once in a while), which explains why we love birthdays! It’s as simple as that. But birthday eves, as exciting as they are, can also make us a wee bit anxious! We all want our birthdays to be very, VERY special – and thus all the crazy thoughts we have the night before!

1. *Pensive face* When did I grow up?

thoughts on birthdays 1

2. I still feel the same, though.


3. Facebook Birthday wishes already! And more Facebook Birthday wishes!

4. Hmm, better make sure my profile pic is on fleek!


5. My friends will surprise me at 12, obvs!


6. I wonder who all will show, though? Surely there’s a surprise party in the offing…

7. Just in case, I’ll wear my best pyjamas and do my hair.


8. What? There will be photos!


9. I wonder if I should have thrown a party and then people would get me presents.

10. Presents! So many presents!


11. I really should have bought that dress to wear tomorrow.


12. Everyone needs a pretty birthday dress!

13. Maybe I’ll take my dad to the mall tomorrow and get him to buy me the dress.


14. He can’t say no to me on my birthday! 😀


15. I wonder who’s going to be the first person to call me at 12!

16. Wait, obviously it’s going to be my long-distance-bestie. DUH.


17. Oh my God, it’s almost 12, why haven’t I heard from ANYONE yet?!


18. They do remember it’s my birthday, right?

19. Well, of course they do, I only reminded them about a million times.

birthday 19

20. Maybe they just want my surprise to be THAT cool!


21. But they do realize you can’t be late for a surprise birthday, right?!

22. All idiots. Why am I friends with them again?

birthday 22

23. Was that the doorbell? OMG, I have the best friends in the whole world.


24. Wait, no that was my mom’s ring tone. Bloody hell. Where the HELL are they?

25. Maybe they got late because of the cake.

birthday 25

26. Oh, there BETTER be cake.


27. But NOT on my face. I do NOT want zits tomorrow morning.

28. Wait, is that my crush calling? He remembers my birthday!?

birthday eve 28

29. WTF, tele-callers in the middle of the night?


30. WAIT A SECOND. What if the doorbell isn’t working?!

31. Why is the house dark? Have my parents also gone to sleep?

thoughts about birthdays

32. *SURPRISE!!!!!!!* (Haha, not really, I knew this would happen!)



Happy birthday to me! *Dance*

GIFs: Tumblr

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05 May 2016

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