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What We REALLY Talk About In The Loo With Our Besties!

You know that thing that happens when you go to the loo not alone but with a friend? Yeah, that thing.

1. First there’s the polite pehle aap

2. ‘Coz you got your girl’s’ backs – if she’s gotta go first, you’re totally willing to wait.

3. Okay, HOW LONG am I supposed to hold this bag?

4. Girl, I love you and all, but could you please hurry UP? I got a bladder too.

girls loo

5. *BANG BANG BANG* “Sorry, sorry, Sheena! I didn’t mean to make the door shake so much!”

6. Oh well, time for some chitchat…

7. “Who was that cute boy Rinky was hanging out with? What happened to her boyfriend?”

8. Who cares if the lady in the other cubicle finds out what exactly is going on in Rinky’s love life? 😛

9. “Seriously, man, why does SHE get all the cute boys? What’s gonna happen to us?”

girls loo

10. Okay, there is only so much mascara I can apply, GET OUT ALREADY!

11. “Ooh, Sheena, LOVE your lipgloss! Can I try it? OMG, it’s so yummy!”

12. Okay, I can hear the flush, I think the woman in the other cubicle is coming out soon…

13. “Oh, heyyyy, Rinky! Love your top.”

14. WTF, b*tch jumped the queue and went in before me! I’m gonna rip that top off her.

girls loo

15. Ugh, how long do I have to waaaait? What IS Sheena up to?

16. FINALLYYYY. Get out of the wayyyyy, Rinky!

17. Okay, yeah, I feel human again.

girls loo

18. “Ya, so Rinky, who’s that hottie?! Wanna try Sheena’s lipgloss? Is he your brother? Introduce kar na!”

19. “Oh, he’s just a friend? Oh, heyyyy, Sheena!”

20. “Rinky, yaar, I just remembered Sheena doesn’t like sharing her lipgloss!”

girls loo

21. OMG, how long is Sheena gonna take to fix her hair? I wanted her help to untwist my bra strap!

22. And why is this Rinky applying so much eyeliner? She’s gonna look like a raccoon.

23. Okay, am running out of things to say. Must not say raccoon.

24. Raccoon. Raccoon. Raccoon.

girls loo

25. “Sheena, chal na, yaar!”

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05 May 2016

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