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Trend Spot-ted: Cow Print Nail Art Is Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds & We Love It!

Trend Spot-ted: Cow Print Nail Art Is Taking Over Our Instagram Feeds & We Love It!



Move over cheetah print, there’s a new type of animal print in town! Cow print nails are Instagram’s newest obsession and once you look at the stunning pictures that everybody’s sharing of their perfectly manicured nails, you’d wanna jump on this bandwagon too!

Earlier this year, Ariana Grande shared a black and white selfie on Instagram and all we could do was look at her thumb’s nail. That cow mani looked so bomb! And the next thing you know, it became an Insta sensation. Kendall Jenner has also tried the cow print mani, and we know you want to too!

Ariana Grande And Kendall Jenner Cow Nails

Cow Print Manicure


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We know you cannot wait to try this #CelebApproved nail art, trend! Here’s how you can flaunt in on the ‘Gram.

Do It Yourself: Cow Print Nails


You’ll need:

– White nail polish

– A black eyeliner

– Cotton

– Topcoat


Step 1: Start by painting your nails with white nail enamel. Make sure you apply two coats.

Step 2: Using a precise eyeliner, start making the ‘cow’ patterns on your nails. Do not even worry about making a mistake as you can easily wipe off the eyeliner with a cotton ball before it gets dried down. Try this– make the pattern first, and then fill it in.

Step 3: Once you’re happy with your design, seal the deal with topcoat and that’s basically it!

You can also give it your own twist by adding a pop of neon shade to stand out from the crowd!

neon cow print nails


Cow Nails: Design Inspo

There’s no black and white (see what we did there?) rule that you cannot use another shade of nail paints when trying to recreate cow nails. Here are some fabulous nails inspirations to give this already fab manicure another update!

Add A Pop Of Colour

orange cow print nails


Instead of making the cow patterns with black eyeliner, choose a coloured eyeliner instead! If you do not have a coloured liner, just use a precise makeup brush, dip it into the nail paint and draw away!

Mix It Up Will All Types Of Animal Print Designs

animal print nail designs


Why only do just cow prints when you can literally do all types of animal print nail designs on each finger?

Jazz It Up With Bling

blingy mani cow nails


If you’re that babe, add a stick-on for some extra jazz!

Don’t Go Overboard


If you love flaunting your nude nails, add the cow pattern on them but do not completely cover your nails. Just target a tiny portion of your nails and your nails are ready to take over the Instagram feed!

This One’s A *Clear* Winner

clear nail trend


Do not have a white nail polish lying around? No problem! Create just the cow print on your nails and seal it with a topcoat. This idea is perfect for everyone who loves all things minimal.

Don’t know about you guys but we’re definitely trying this tonight!

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Sep 2020

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