19 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Exhaustive COVID-19 Resources

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 19, 2021
19 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Exhaustive COVID-19 Resources


For almost a week now India has been recording over two lakh active COVID-19 cases per day. Our healthcare is collapsing and we are already running out of COVID-19 vaccines. Unfortunately, the situation is way worse than it was last year in April and things only seem to be going downhill from here. 

It is scary, to say the least. I mean, didn’t all of us leave for our hometowns last year thinking that it would be over in three to four months? To make it worse, all kinds of theories are being circulated right now. Yesterday a friend who is constantly travelling for work told me that this is the new normal, that from now on we are going to live with the virus. Add to it all the heartbreaking stories of people losing their loved ones owing to lack of medical facilities right now. 

Pretty sure that you must be finding all of this COVID-19 talk and the constant updates triggering. However, amid it all, there are some individuals who have taken it upon themselves to fight the good fight. Armed with their social media accounts, they are busy amplifying the voices of those who need help amid the crisis. Some of them have lost their own people to the virus and still continue to constantly post updates about the pandemic. From the availability of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders to plasma donors, they are constantly posting it all, so as to help someone like you and me. Here is a list of all such accounts that you should be following right now:

Accounts Sharing Nationwide COVID-19 Resources

Here is a list of accounts that have been tirelessly sharing resources on COVID-19 requirements nationwide. 


This is the most comprehensive Instagram feed at the moment when it comes to COVID-19 resources. Their feed features PAN India resources comprising plasma requirements, beds, medication, and remdesivir availability, etc. They have also made two COVID-19 guides which are currently going viral on social media. On their feed, you will also find a highlight of Google drive links with lists of vaccine, oxygen, and food vendors across the country. They have also been constantly posting about treatment requirements. 

Rasna Bhasin

Rasna is a digital creator who has currently put all her brand activities on hold so as to amplify COVID-19-related information, inquiries, and requirements. She has been actively posting the latest requirements, connecting plasma donors to receivers, verifying contacts, and sharing all the COVID-19 information. 

Disha Ravi

A climate activist, Disha is currently focussing all her resources and energy on COVID-19 sources and updates across the country. From pandemic relief posts to urgent requirements shared by patients, she is currently sharing it all. You can check out all the updates on her Insta highlight, titled COVID resources, or check out her stories for the latest happenings. 

Diary Of Jamian

This again is a very important account when it comes to COVID-19 updates. Besides the regular pan Indian updates and healthcare supplies, they have been also throwing light on hearcare workers. They have been talking about the challenges faced by these frontline warriors and amplifying the messages shared by them. 

Kaushik Raj

Kaushik has been posting verified updates regarding plasma donors, hospital beds, and oxygen availability across India. He has been connecting resources to the patients and amplifying their needs. 

Mohammed Adnan Qamar

Qamar is currently applying SOS requirements across the country and also been posting leads pertaining to oxygen, bed, and plasma donor requirements across the country. 

Aabha M

While constantly posting updates about COVID-19 resources across the country, Aabha has also been educating netizens. She has been urging people to stay at home and avoid gatherings that are shockingly still happening in India. 

Drs. Ahuja

A family of four doctors, they have been answering questions regarding COVID-19 infections and recovery. You can visit the story highlight section, titled Covid on their feed for all the information. From COVID-19 precautions for breastfeeding moms to sanitisation, they are answering queries 24X7.

Accounts Sharing State Wise Resources

Here are the accounts that have been sharing state-specific COVID-19 resources:


This is a very important Instagram account ‘coz they have been specifically focussing on less talked about states and cities. They have curated their own COVID-19 resource guides for these places and have been constantly posting updates about the same. 

Purani Dilli Walo Ki Baatein™

With a primary focus on Delhi, this account has been posting information on Remdesivir availability, SOS shoutouts, and information on plasma donation. You can reach out to them in case you seek to donate plasma or for your healthcare requirements and ask them for a shoutout. 

Help to fight Covid 19.

Lucknow is currently one of the worst-hit cities by the pandemic. Specifically dedicated to the city, this account has been trying to address all the COVID-concerns and SOS requirements of the city. 

Abhilash A Gowda

This account is primarily focussed on Karnataka and Bangalore. Abhilash is currently working to create a network of restaurants so as to help those who cannot cook their own food during the pandemic. 

COVID Response Kanpur

The admins of this account are constantly posting information regarding COVID-19 support and going out of their way to help people during the crisis. 

Humans of Chhattisgarh

For anyone in Chhattisgarh, this is a very important account in case you want delivery facilities at home. From fruit vendors to hospital supplies, they can amplify your needs through the page. 

Individuals Offering To Run Errands

Here are some people who are currently offering to run errands for those cannot afford to go out of the house right now:

Mitali Bhasin


In addition to amplifying COVID-19 resources and requirements across the country, Mitali has also offered to run errands for anyone located in Bandra, Bombay. She has already been doing it for families and elderly who cannot afford to leave their houses at the moment. 


Last year during pandemic peak, he had offered to run chores for anyone in and around Whitefield Bangalore and is offering the help yet again. “I did this last year when I was home and now it’s time to do it for the city that’s newly adopted me, the people of which have had such a huge positive impact on my personal growth and most importantly-have helped me feel comfortable here. it’s time to give back the bare minimum I can,” he writes. 

Shah Umair

Umair lost his grandfather just a couple of days ago to COVID-19 and is still actively helping anyone who is reaching out to him. He is also offering free delivery services to anyone ailing in Gurgaon and has asked people to reach out for financial assistance in case they need it. 

Remember fam that grim as the current situations might appear, together we can fight it all. 

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