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10 Things Couples DON’T Want To Be Judged For

10 Things Couples DON’T Want To Be Judged For

You know what’s awesome? Being in love. That fuzzy, warm feeling when you talk on the phone for hours, when you’re holding hands and every time one of you says something that’s not funny but the other person laughs anyway. What’s not so awesome? Being judged for being in love. The only thing that can ruin a perfectly romantic moment is someone judging you for being the way you are with your loved one. Each one of us has faced judgement at the hands of family, relatives and sometimes, even strangers! Here are 10 things couples are judged for but totally shouldn’t be…


1. Living together

Why are we, as a nation, so obsessed with people justifying their relationship? They don’t have to. It’s something really personal between two people. Women are constantly subjected to hate and considered of loose moral character just because they choose to live in with a man they are not married to. It’s okay to not believe in the concept of marriage and still be madly in love with each other. Not getting married is not a parameter someone’s morals should be judged by. What do you say?

couples are judged

2. Buying condoms and contraceptives

Ever entered a chemist shop and asked for contraceptives or condoms with your better half? Unmarried or not, you will surely be scanned from head-to-toe because you “look young” and hence it is morally damning for you to have sex. This is one problem a lot of us face and to be honest, it’s frustrating to hell and beyond.

3. Booking rooms as a couple

Mr Sharma can only book a hotel room in the same city if he is booking it with Mrs Sharma, or that’s what a lot of hotels seem to imply in fine print. We all have stories about hotel staff telling us that two people can’t book a room together if they are not married. But that could be a thing of the past. OYO allows couples the option to book rooms in hotels that are couple friendly. You can now pick hotels that allow unmarried couples from the same city to book rooms. The “Relationship Mode” on the OYO app is where you can find a hotel that lets couples from the same city to book rooms, even if they’re unmarried. A great way to nip regressive attitudes in the bud, we say!

couples are judged

4. Not wanting to have babies

After a certain age, married couples are expected to think about starting a family because of the whole biological clock debate. Completely disagree! Men and women should be able to choose when to have a baby and if they are not prepared, they shouldn’t pressured into it. Moreover, if they don’t want kids at all, that should be a choice too!

5. Pursuing a career despite being married

You know how people say you should “settle down” when they really mean you should get married and have kids? Yeah, we hate that. Moreover, why do people expect you to suddenly give up on all aspirations once you’re about to get married? This is especially true when it comes to women. Both men and women should have the choice of picking what they prioritise more or balance the two so well, there’s no argument left.

couples are judged

6. Not being married at a certain age

This is especially true in the Indian context. Men and women are expected to be married at a certain age and if they are not, all hell breaks loose. Gossip amongst neighbours and relatives notwithstanding, it’s hard to even be seen with someone who is single in the same neighbourhood. Talk about a hostile environment. *rolls eyes*

7. Walking hand-in-hand in a public place

Holding hands is one of the most favourite forms of expressing affection. While walking hand-in-hand with someone you love is cute, there are oft times we are judged for doing so. There’s moral police lurking everywhere and their stares are piercing, to say the least. Moreover, it is a personal form of expression between two people and the stares are just plain rude!

couples are judged

8. Posting pictures on social media

We all love to talk about our better halves and sometimes, we also love sharing their pictures on our social media profiles so that the world can see why we love them so much. After all, a little bit of PDA did no one any harm. A lot of people tend to disagree though. You won’t even believe how many hours people spend analysing pictures of a couple, how they don’t suit each other and how they are so open about their relationship. To those people – shut up!

9. Celebrating anniversaries

Listen up, we want to celebrate 1-month anniversaries and we want to celebrate annual anniversaries. It’s cute and we like it and it makes us feel special. If you have a problem with it, look away. Don’t rain on our parade, OK? OK!

couples are judged

10. Taking trips together

“What will Shalini aunty say when you travel alone with your boyfriend?” Heard something similar before? We have too and it’s frustrating when trips that are supposed to be fun become a guilt trip just because Shalini aunty can’t mind her own business. “Where will they stay?” Will they stay in the same room?” The questions are never-ending. And the answer is OYO – the “Relationship Mode” on the OYO app lets you pick from couple-friendly hotels. Heard of that Shalini aunty? Well, now you have.
* This is a sponsored post for OYO.

24 Aug 2016

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