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It’s A Match: They Met On A Dating App & What Followed Will Make You Believe In Destiny!

It’s A Match: They Met On A Dating App & What Followed Will Make You Believe In Destiny!

A lot of us are on dating apps but we don’t expect to find our forever love through an app. It’s usually just another option through which we might connect with someone nice but meeting our future partner… the chances seem bleak! But for some people, digital fairytales do come true! Meet Siddhartha Raghuvanshi and Yushika Jolly, who met through a dating app. All they were looking for was someone with similar interests but looks like destiny had a lot more planned for them. 

Talking to Humans Of Bombay, Yushika said that they decided to meet for their first date three days after they found out that they were a match. While they were supposed to meet for coffee for just an hour, they ended up spending six hours together. The ice-breaker? Their love for the popular TV series The Office. “The first thing I ever asked him was, ‘Isn’t your bio from ‘The Office?’ And he replied with, ‘If you’re a true fan, you’d know!’”, Yushika said.

For the fans of The Office, who might wonder what his bio read, it was: ‘I want to own a decommissioned lighthouse. And I want to live at the top. And nobody knows I live there. And there’s a button that I can press and launch that lighthouse into space’.


A week into dating Siddhartha, Yushika realised how comfortable they were with each other already. She was setting up her new house and he helped her with everything – from shopping to moving furniture to even cooking. And what followed were a lot of trips and hanging out with each other’s friends. But they both knew that they wanted different things from life. 

While Yushika never wanted to leave India, Siddhartha had applied for a PR in Canada. It was hard for them as they had to take this decision for the both of them. Yushika said, “So when he got the PR, he asked me, ‘What should WE do?’ I realised that it wasn’t a ‘you & me’ decision, it was an ‘us’ decision which made it so much harder”.

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Yushika wanted to be with him but couldn’t let him walk away from his dreams for her and so she decided to tell her father about him. Even though Yushika was 24 and had no plans of getting married that early, love makes you do things you never thought you would, right?


Soon their families met and they were rokafied. Meanwhile, Siddhartha had to go back to the Embassy to get his VISA but he never did. Again, love was doing its magic, we bet! He decided to cancel his plans to go to Canada and instead build their lives together in India itself. Aww!


They had been preparing for their wedding ever since they decided to stay back but celebrations in the times of coronavirus pandemic aren’t really possible. So, they’ve decided to go for a court marriage as soon as the lockdown ends, and meanwhile, they continue to video call each other every now and then while practising social distancing.

From working out to deciding what movie to watch to even making dinner, Siddhartha and Yushika never miss an opportunity to do everything together even in times like these. Aren’t they adorable?

Instagram/Yushika Jolly

In a short span of time, they’ve come a long way – from getting ready to go out on dates to just being comfortable with each other in PJs. After all, that’s what true love is!

We hope you get your ‘happily ever after’ soon.

Featured Image: Instagram/Yushika Jolly

21 Apr 2020

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