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How To Remove Your Sunscreen? A Simple Guide On The Right Way To Go About It

How To Remove Your Sunscreen? A Simple Guide On The Right Way To Go About It

Who doesn’t understand the need of using a good sunscreen everyday? We are thoroughly educated by now. But slapping on oodles of sunscreen to protect your skin from the parching sun rays has always been easier than taking it off. Phew… Most of us find this step quite excruciating! According to experts, today’s sunscreens are designed to stay on your skin for a long time to provide a long-lasting effect which also makes it difficult to remove.

Everyone’s fantasy product is a lightweight, non-greasy, thin sunscreen that leaves no whitecast whatsoever. While the majority of us look out for instructions on how to apply sunscreen, just a few are aware of how to remove sunscreen from our face. But now it’s time to master the art of removing every speck of that stubborn sunscreen that takes residence on the sides of your face or around your nose.

Physical Sunscreens vs. Chemical Sun Protecting Creams

The application and removal of these types of sunscreens can be slightly different from each other. For a quick recap, choosing physical sunscreens (that lay on top of skin and contain active mineral ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to physically deflect rays) over a chemical sunscreen (the ones that absorb into the skin) is the preference, but to each to its own.

Point to remember, a physical or mineral sunscreen requires a little more effort to get rid of because it creates a physical barrier of protection on the skin while the actives in chemical sunscreen will degrade over time, typically making it easier to remove. As a result, you may need to expend a little more strenuous effort (using an oil-based cleanser for double cleansing method) to completely rinse off sunscreens, especially mineral sunscreen. Without further ado, let’s jump right in to learn how to get rid of layers of sunscreen by the end of the day.

3 Simple Steps To A Squeaky Clean Face


Double Cleansing Is The Key

Double cleansing is that game changer that will be your only bet to a squeaky clean face. You can thank us later! Double cleansing is exactly what you think it means: cleansing your face with two facial cleansers. To begin, use a cream- or oil-based cleanser, then follow with a water-based cleanser to double cleanse thoroughly. Experts recommend double cleansing because this method will remove any debris, oil, or sweat that may have been trapped beneath multiple layers of sunscreen. Well, we vouch for this method!

Don’t Skip Makeup Remover

Moving onto the next step, makeup remover to your rescue. You ain’t got to miss this step! Aren’t you thinking how a makeup remover can help you get rid of that stubborn greasy sunscreen? Yes, it’s true! It completely erases the tiniest traces of makeup and sunscreen, too. Oil-based sunscreens can be erased using an oil-based makeup remover in the same way that oil-based sunscreens can be removed with an oil-based cleanser. When you have a quick-acting makeup remover on hand, taking the day off your face doesn’t have to be such a nuisance.

Hello, Toner!

A toner removes any lingering residue and balances the pH of the skin, allowing subsequent products to absorb and work better. To ensure that your skin is completely cleansed, use a cleanser followed by a hydrating toner. Yes. It’s an essential part of the CTM routine. To avoid disrupting the skin barrier when removing your SPF, make sure you use the right toner for your skin type.

Your skin will thank you for following these steps that will bust through the layers of sunscreen. Try them out now!

Featured Image: Pexels

23 May 2022

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